Advisory Group

  • Dot Maver, National Peace Academy; River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding
  • Rita Marie Johnson, Founder, Rasur Fondation, creator of the BePeace Practice
  • Katherine Li, Ph.D., The University of Hawaii
  • Glenn D. Paige, Founder of Center for Global Nonkilling (in memorium)
  • Carol Rank, Ph.D., Coventry, England, City of Peace and Reconciliation
  • Kazuyo Yamane, Ph.D., Kochi University, Japan
  • Hend Farouh, Ph.D., Cairo University, Egypt
  • Balkrishna Kurvey of Nagpur, Ph.D., India, President, India Institute for Peace
  • Mitra Sen, Toronto, Canada, Founder of International Peace Tree Day
  • Patrick Hiller, Hood River, Oregon, War Prevention Initiative
  • David Adams, PhD, Coordinator, Culture of Peace Initiative
  • Avon Mattison, Culture of Peace Initiative

Alliance Organizations


Compassionate Cities/Charter for Compassion


United Cities and Local Governments


Center for Global Nonkilling


The Shift Network


Peace Revolution


Missing Peace Art Space


The GaiaField Project


The Emily Fund


Mil millennia of Peace (MMP)


Peace Without Limits (PWL) International Organization


International Network of Museums for Peace


River Phoenix Centerfor Peacebuilding


PeaceNow: One Billion Signatures for Peace



1 Billion Acts of Peace/Peace Jam

PeaceTree Foundation