Become an important part of the New Generation of Leaders establishing a global culture of peace.

International Cities of Peace is dedicated to the principle that the most powerful peace building comes from the citizens within a community. Citizen leaders are emerging around the globe, starting initiatives, working with government, building capacity for creating a safer, more prosperous, and dynamic quality of life in their cities.

To facilitate practical, productive, and compassionate leadership, International Cities of Peace offers, in coordination with partners, the following free programs to build important leadership skills.

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5 free United Nations online courses you can take anywhere, anytime


Free courses from OPEN UNIVERSITIES AUSTRALIA: Open Universities Australia

• Leadership: Identity, Influence and Power (LEAD)

• Entrepreneurship and Family Business

• Negotiation and Conflict Resolution


• Free help for learning English by AGENDA WEB. Hundreds of free exercises in English grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, verbs. Includes videos, MP3 files, songs, worksheets and tests. No certificate available, only help.

Listening conversations and exercises by level.


Free Courses From the UNITED STATES INSTITUTE OF PEACE: U.S. Institute of Peace

• General course list:

• Glossary of Conflict Management: Peace Terms: Glossary of Terms for Conflict Management and Peacebuilding

• Conflict Analysis: Certificate in Conflict Analysis

• Conflict Resolution: Certificate in Interfaith Conflict Resolution

• Conflict Management: Certificate in Negotiation and Conflict Management

• European focus: Certificate in Organizaiton for Security and Cooperation in Europe


Free Courses from the KHAN ACADEMY: Khan Academy

• Entrepreneurship:



I. Introducing Nonviolence

II. Peace and Conflict Studies: Webcasts

  • PACS 164 C (taught by Michael Nagler at Metta Center)

III. Nonviolent Action

IV. The Spirituality of Nonviolence

V. Data & Strategy


Free Coursework from the CENTER FOR GLOBAL NONKILLING:

Certificate program not yet available.