Here is the information you will need before registering your community!
To establish your community as a City of Peace, Registration is easy and quick — bu only when you have the information to complete the online Application. Our recommendation is to create a Word document — offline — that includes the following information and photos, which will highlight your community legacy, goals and peace vision.

1. ABOUT YOUR COMMUNITY: You must live and/or work in a specific community, which can be a neighborhood, a section of a larger City, a town or village. (Use “Search” on to see if your community is already a City of Peace — only one is allowed) If all is clear, then write a Peace Statement about challenges and solutions for your community, as well as any historical and current issues.
2. PEACE TEAM: You and Four Additional Team Signatories who live and/or work in the community must approve and provide their email for this initiative. Provide background on you, an optional second leader, as well as individuals and community partner organizations involved. Provide a contact email for folks to contact this initiative. Also, include Partnering Organizations/Groups with the approval contact and email address.

3. VISION, MISSION, GOALS: Very important and profound! Provide an overview vision and mission, as well as specific goals and objectives, for how you will work to increase the safety, prosperity, and quality of life in your specific community.

4. PHOTOS: Gather three (3) non-copyrighted photos in either .jpg or .png format of your community, a local event, and one of you and/or your peace team. (You will take responsibility for ensuring no copyright or plagiarism that could risk liability to International Cities of Peace.)


Option 1. All communities deserve to be a City of Peace! To create a City of Peace Listing IS FREE and generates a listing/map and announcement.

The following options are for helping sustain International Cities of Peace.

Option 2. A Community Profile with a Listing, announcement, and a searchable web profile to highlight your community; suggested donation: $96/year
Option 3. A community-focused, extensive Web Page, a public announcement, and social media presence; suggested donation: $480/year.
Option 4. A Benefactor Plus + 1 donor package with increasing benefits for your community Plus a “Gift” Web Page to a worthy community; suggested donation: $960/year

A link will be available during Registration for helpful donations. ICP Central is an all volunteer nonprofit; donations go to creating peace training for the next generation of peace leaders around the globe.

If you have all of the above information/photos, the Registration Form can be completed in a few minutes. It is best to gather the information offline. Establishing a City of Peace is a profound and important process. Thank you!

Link to Registration Forms

City of Peace Listing Registration

City of Peace Profile Registration

City of Peace Web Page Registration

Benefactor Plus + 1 City of Peace Registration

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