ICP Workspace FAQ

The ICP Collaborative Workspace is for Liaisons of member Cities of Peace to join and utilize the many tools and resources available to International Cities of Peace. If you are not a Liaison for a City of Peace, you will not be able to join (You can always establish your community as a City of Peace, then join). For those who are in good standing with the ICP Workspace, please use the following form to send your questions. Follow-up answers and instructions are listed below the form. Thank you for your efforts toward peace!

FOR LIAISONS: To join, send an email to ICPworkspace@internationalcitiesofpeace.org

FOR OTHERS: Send you questions to info@internationalcitiesofpeace.org


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Please contact us for specific reasons.

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• How can I join?

Send a request to ICPworkspace@internationalcitiesofpeace.org

• Can all members of my City of Peace Team join?

No, sorry, there are a limited number of user names. Only the Liaison and Alternate Liaison can request an invitation. The Liaison is the single-point-of-contact between the association of international Cities of Peace and the individual community. Sometimes there is a second Liaison, who is also eligible to join.

• Can I use all of the Google Apps?

There are eleven (11) Apps immediately available. Explore the icons for other Apps to find out which ones you are eligible to utilize. Sometimes you must “accept” the terms and agreements. If there is a charge for Applications, you must pay for them yourself.

• What if I don’t see my question in this FAQ?

Fill out the above contact form with the question and “submit”.