Is your community a City of Peace?

Over 250 Cities of Peace in 57 Countries on 6 Continents!

It’s happening all over the world! Shown above is Urbana, Ohio’s Mayor, City officials and a leading citizen establishing their community as a City of Peace. It starts with one person and builds with collaboration and creativity. How about your city this year?

IMAGINE a world of cities dedicated to expanding their local peace economy and encouraging a global culture of peace. Safety, prosperity, and quality of life are universal values that bring peace to our lives.

First and foremost in this global adventure is to reject violence and define ourselves as people of peace. International Cities of Peace is a formal Association of communities that by history, resolution, or proclamation are doing just this — self-defining their community as an official City of Peace. This redefinition requires building a consensus network of business, government and community leaders who value safety, prosperity and quality of life. Then the work begins with a vision, a mission, and the goals and objectives that deliver the promise.

PEACE, INDEED, IS BECOMING THE ZEITGEIST, OR SPIRIT OF OUR TIMES. Join the celebration! Get involved in the global transformation. Let the world know — and more importantly, the children who are our future — that our communities can become true Cities of Peace. Get involved today!

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