YOU can definitely Inspire Peace™ in those who are Building Peace in communities around the world!

Three Ways to Become Involved (Links below):

  1. Establish a City of Peace
  2. Volunteer as a Facilitator
  3. Donate to Inspire Peace around the Globe!


  1. See Action Plans from 36 City of Peace leaders
  2. Corporate Sustainability Program (CSR)
  3. Rooms That Honor; Rooms That Share

For individuals, families, organizations, and businesses
Supporters of International Cities of Peace are, by their actions and gifts, inspiring peacemaking around the globe. When you join the Inspire Peace™ Membership Circle you’ll not only feel a deep sense of purpose in supporting this work, but you’ll also receive a gift of appreciation.The inspire Peace™ Membership program has four Membership Circles for all levels of donations. Best of all, you can be honored for your contribution to the forming of a future world where individuals, families, organizations, even Cities, States and Provinces, and entire countries value and work for peace.Please join one of our Membership Circles today!We need you!

Inspire Peace™ Family Circle

  Individual and Family Memberships

Suggested $25-$100+

Inspire Peace™ Community Circle        

  Peace Teams; Community Foundations     

Suggested $1000+

Inspire Peace™ Partnership Circle 

  Organizations; Founder’s Club members   

Suggested $1500+

Inspire Peace™ Legacy Circle      

Gifts/Bequests are honored

Contact ICP for personal service

To join the Inspire Peace™ Circle of Support, please donate on the website or send an email.

For Major Donors

Rooms that Honor, Rooms that Share.

Privacy is assured. Your data is not sold or distributed.


If you prefer, mail check or money order made out to “International Cities of Peace” to the address below. All work is done by volunteers. The organization is a 501(c)3 so your donations are tax deductible.

Payable to: International Cities of Peace
5818 Wilmington Pike #234
Dayton, OH 45459 U.S.A.

Questions? Contact a volunteer today. Thank you!