Identity Manual with Guidelines for Usage

Why Identity is Important

Cities of Peace, Inc., parent company of the association named International Cities of Peace®, is contributing to the historical work of laying the foundations for world peace. The “identity” of International Cities of Peace is the result of the many ways volunteers communicate information about the Association to the world.

Elements of identity gives a sense of the culture of the organization. In providing a consistent identity, we can ensure that our mutual work in peacemaking will be recognized, remembered and supported. Therefore, in order to do justice to peace and increase our peacemaking endeavors, we must consistently present ourselves and the organization with integrity and dignity.

Consistent, ethical, and sophisticated use of our logo, wordmarks, trademarks, color palette, and other visual and written elements provide a way to communicate our deep respect for the mission of global peace. It is a responsibility we share. We hope that all volunteers take good care to follow the guidelines expressed in this Identity Manual.


Communicating Positive Messages

In all aspects of communications, volunteers for International Cities of Peace should exhibit the values of a peacemaker. The International Cities of Peace Values Path is as follows:

  1. Be Purposeful — know and remember our WHY — to ensure everyone’s right to safety, prosperity and quality of life, the consensus values of peace.
  2. Be Accountable — do one’s best and accept the results as a transformative process for continuous constructive change.
  3. Be Trustworthy — act fairly with others through respect and transparency.
  4. Be Humble — accept that no one person has all the right answers and that it takes a team to be successful.
  5. Be Innovative — Build a more peaceful community through creative, imaginative and positive groundbreaking initiatives.


The complete Identity Manual with Guidelines for Usage is available for download below.