Let Your Rotary Club Story Be Told!

ROTARY CREATES ENVIRONMENTS OF PEACE. As a humanitarian organization, peace is a cornerstone of our mission. We believe when people work to create peace in their communities, that change can have a global effect.” — Promoting Peace, Rotary International

Each year, Rotary Clubs around the world fund amazing projects that increase the safety, prosperity and quality of life for their local communities. Now, your Club can weave together all the diverse and wonderful initiatives and tell your local Rotary Club Story in a way that is clear and impactful. In partnership with the global association of International Cities of Peace — a Signature Program for the Rotary eClub of World Peace — your Club can map each good work toward a common goal — a more peaceful and vitalized community.

What your Club is already doing can inspire a new generation of Rotarians.

All you need to do is what you are already doing. The City of Peace program for Rotary Clubs will do the work in creating a “storyboard” of unity and progress. A powerful community-wide Story will raise awareness, increase membership, and let the world know how Rotary is changing the world for the better. Many Clubs have initiated a City of Peace program. It’s easy. It’s profound. And it’s free!

Let your local Rotary Club do what it does best — build a better community.  And let your Rotary Club Story be told in the context of community safety, prosperity, and quality of life!

Contact International Cities of Peace for more information. Talk to Rotarians. Fill out the single-page registration and, soon, you’ll inspire current and new members alike. When someone says, “Hey, what’s the story on Rotary?” you’ll have an answer that is true, fair and beneficial. Build goodwill and friendships By establishing your community as a non-divisive, non-political positive peacebuilding City of Peace!

Now your community can establish as an International City of Peace in two ways:

  1. Initiate, not through the Rotary, but by a Community coalition
  2. Initiate through your local Rotary Club and highlight your Club’s community service

Send inquiries to: inspire@internationalcitiesofpeace.org

Quick Link To the Rotarianism for Cities of Peace REGISTRATION APPLICATION:


BENEFITS: A City of Peace initiated by you Rotary Club provides the following:

• Engage the entire community and expand Rotary Club membership

• Link all your Rotary initiatives into a community-wide program to foster a culture of peace

Activate all sectors of the community through Rotary: businesses, schools, faith-based organizations, service groups, arts, sports, civic leaders, and others

Together, let us fulfill the dream and vision of the Rotary mission through the Rotarian Four Way Test as well as one of the Rotary focus areas: Peace. The Rotarianism for Cities of Peace Program is easy to start and manage. International Cities of Peace provides many benefits.

How do we define peace? The consensus values of safety, prosperity, and quality of life for all citizens.

  • Increased Safety: Freedom from risk of injury, danger or loss
  • More Prosperity: Freedom to achieve a good standard of living
  • Higher Quality of Life: Freedom to enjoy health and happiness

International Cities of Peace is providing a powerful platform to engage Rotarians in local Rotary Clubs around the globe. These initiatives are building an all-inclusive, non-polarizing network of citizens that can include non-Rotarians working together to advance a culture of peace in their local community.

Rotarian Cities of Peace Initiatives:

  1. Major Corporate Sponsorships: The necessity of corporations and other organizations to be socially responsible opens a huge opportunity for local funding for programs. The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program from International Cities of Peace provides a way to route small, medium, and large donations to Rotary Club Projects.
  2. Rotary Club Real-Time ICP Member Profile: Each Rotary Club community will receive a FREE Listing and Profile. Sustaining Member options are also available for added benefits.
  3. Peace Pole Corridor Program: Currently being implemented in many communities, the City of Peace designation provides a community-wide incentive for Planting Peace Poles to create awareness of the Four Way Test and other worthy themes.
  4. Social Media Promotions: As part of the International Cities of Peace partnership, major promotions of Rotary Club events and service gain local and global coverage.
  5. Community Honoring and Outreach: Interest a new generation of service-oriented Rotarians through a City of Peace Honorary Mentor program. Choose by Club vote an individual who is making a positive impact in the community. A one-year Rotary Club membership will honor deserving community leaders.
  6. Huge Potential! The skies the limit for ideas and promotions with a Rotary City of Peace initiative. With off-the-shelf efficiency, the benefits are available and activating.

Send inquiries to: inspire@internationalcitiesofpeace.org

For all options, go to: Establish a City of Peace

To apply for a Rotarianism for Cities of Peace Listing/Profile, click here.

Many examples of Rotary Clubs working with Cities of Peace. 

Here is are a few examples:

Midland Rotary, Michigan, United States

Rocky Point Rotary, New York, United States


The convenient Online Application makes it easy and profound to create a Rotarian City of Peace initiative. It is just one approach to establishing a peace city initiative. We hope you are able to form a new Peace Committee or engage a current Committee to begin the process.

Send inquiries to: inspire@internationalcitiesofpeace.org

For all options, go to: Establish a City of Peace

To apply for a Rotarianism for Cities of Peace Listing/Profile, click here.

Thank you for your peace building work. As your colleagues in peace, we look forward to learning more about your individual and organizational efforts toward building a culture of peace in your community.