Join Our Association of Independent Historical and Intentional Cities of Peace

No city is 100% a city of peace. We all endeavor to “become”. Establishing your community as an International Cities of Peace gives individuals and groups, as well as civil government a chance to focus on creating a community-wide culture of peace.

Twelve benefits to starting an International City of Peace initiative:

  1. Information: resources and links to “how to” materials
  2. Affirmation: membership in a global association
  3. Connections: alliances with important organizations
  4. Legitimacy: a higher profile in the worldwide community
  5. Education: access to presentations and ICP Valued Providers
  6. Funding Options: links to funders and recommendations
  7. Online Learning: access to the free Skills Development Program™
  8. Online Presence: free website page for your peace team
  9. Public Relations: free news release through blog post
  10. Community: access to the City-to-City Collaboration Program™
  11. Database: access to ICP Global NewsCast for information distribution
  12. U.N. Representation: ICP is in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), the United National body for NGOs

Civic groups and leaders within each city of peace can begin the work of creating a community-wide vision and goals for fostering greater safety, prosperity, and quality of life. Each city receives a free web presence on the International City of Peace website to promote their community and their legacy as well as future plans for building a strong culture of peace.

As an association of cities of peace, International Cities of Peace fosters, encourages, provides resources and tools, and helps network individual peace communities around the world. We are not a funding organization but can point to funding sources. This association of cities of peace provides an easy, practical, collaborative environment for building the worldwide peace community while respecting the individuality of communities.

Cost: Free

Process: Letter of Intent as first step

More documents, presentations, case studies and other information is included on our website or by contacting:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



Download “Letter of Intent” PDF



Download “Becoming a City of Peace” PDF


Join the Movement as a member of our Fearless Community support group. Our goal is 1000 Cities of Peace by Year 2025. You can help!