onboard to ICP’s SDG Partner: SustainChain

The SustainChain™ Discovery network is available to member City of Peace leaders through the association of International Cities of Peace. SustainChain is the world’s largest sustainability action platform that can help International Cities of Peace and all of humanity, collectively, to achieve the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by year 2030. The public service platform brings together SDG innovators, impact investors, purpose-driven brands, NGOs and alliances with a shared mission of building a more sustainable supply chain. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, SustainChain’s Group — International Cities of Peace — maps global efforts across the sustainability ecosystem, providing actionable insights into hotspots to accelerate efficiency and speed.

  • Tell the world your story
  • Create an individual global profile
  • Promote your City of Peace
  • Collaborate with a global network of good
  • Publicize your specific programs
  • Tap funding resources
  • Make announcements on projects
  • Build a strong, supportive Peace Team
  • Accelerate progress on local SDG targets
  • Utilize the productivity of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

JOIN TODAY! Click here to create a member profile on the International Cities of Peace group on SustainChain.


SustainChain offers many benefits and for Liaisons of member Cities of Peace with the association of International Cities of Peace. SustainChain uses systems-based technology to turn sustainability efforts undertaken by our members around the world into a visible web of collective action.




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Download File

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With the companion PDFs, Quick Reference and Onboard Guides, this Demo facilitates International Cities of Peace Liaisons, Facilitators, and Team Members to sign-up and start utilizing the power and potential of the SustainChain™ Discovery AI platform for communications and idea on may Goals.




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