Rooms that Honor; Rooms that Share

International Cities of Peace is a collaboration of peacebuilders: volunteers, facilitators, mentors, teachers, as well as our Liaisons, or leaders, who do the good work in individual Cities of Peace. Essential to the momentum of the City of Peace movement are those whose support keeps aloft the wings of peace in our journey toward practical, sustainable Global Peace.

Major supporters are honored here. They are our colleagues and peers. All of our volunteers and leaders have something important to say. These are the Rooms that Honor that provide space for ideas, thoughts and visions of our supporters. These are the Rooms that Share where our donors give space to innovative ideas, a special person, a respected peacemaker, or a thought that moves them, and us, one step closer to the World Dream of Peace.

First, we say thank you. Then, we offer respect. Your Room is ready.

Contact the Lead Facilitator directly:

NOTE: Rooms are named for major donors, though some will be anonymous, some will be dedicated to others.


Jubitz Family Foundation

Dr. Ruth Tan Lim (Mesa, Arizona: International City of Peace)

Simms Development Corporation

NOTE: The views of our major donors are the personal views of the honorees and not, necessarily, the views of International Cities of Peace, the Board or volunteers. We simply honor their generosity and work for peace by providing this Room of Honor. For more information: