Children and parents attend the World Without Violence, an event at the Performing Arts Theater at Mesa Community College. The finalist and winners of the Peace Poster Poetry Contest were acknowledged on the stage and  showed their artwork and writings. The Hands of Joy sign language choir did a rendition of “Let there be Peace on Earth”, all in sign.

Rooms that Honor; Rooms that Share

Dedicated to the peacemaking work of ICP supporter Dr. Ruth Tan Lim and her colleagues in Mesa, Arizona: City of Peace

Peacemaking beyond the Mesa community to the State of Arizona.

Essential to the momentum of the City of Peace movement are those whose support keeps aloft the wings of peace in our journey toward practical, sustainable Global Peace. Dr. Ruth Tan Lim is a major supporter of International Cities of Peace. Dr. Lim is a resident and one of the Liaisons for Mesa, Arizona: International City of Peace.


Ruth Lim MD, is a pediatrician, veteran of Desert Storm, rotarian and a community advocate for peace and non-violence. “After returning from operation desert storm,” she notes, “I decided to champion peace and non-violence, which is also one of the avenues of Rotary.” Dr. Lim set up the Childrens’ Benefit Foundation to help children. One of her goals is to accomplish “a medical program for the working poor.”
Since 1998, Dr. Lim and the peace team in Mesa have organized “The Week Without Violence”, a community advocacy event empowering children, families and all to promote peace and nonviolence for a safe community to live.
The vision is to continue elevating, SAFETY, PROSPERITY and QUALITY of LIFE for ALL. Each year, the Mesa City of Peace leaders invite all children to have a voice and express with the Peace Poster Poetry contest

This is what Dr. Lim and her colleagues in Mesa, Arizona: International City of Peace would like to share in addition to their web page for the Mesa community:

We focus on three things in Mesa:

  1. We empower children and families to be advocates for peace and non-violence. Our Annual Week Without Violence showcases the community’s advocacy with posters and poetry in different school districts
  2. We have community and business champions that support with Proclamations and Letters of support, including the Governor, the Mayor’s office, Rotary Club, community colleges, and nonprofits like Chicano Por La Causa working on community development.
  3. We placed peace poles in community schools, churches, and colleges.
As  of August 2022, Mesa is now an International City of Peace.
One year anniversary soon. One of the Goals is to elevate higher levels of Safety, Prosperity and Quality of Life for the Community
Important dates to save:
We are celebrating the first anniversary of Mesa as the 362 city of ICOP.

Mesa, Arizona, United States

The State of Arizona has stepped forward to condemn violence, in particular violence against children. The Children’s Benefit Foundation, which promotes as program called C.O.O.L — the Choice Of Optimal Lifestyle — which encourages rejecting the lifestyles of drugs, drinking, danger, and debt.

The State’s observance of “A Week Without Violence” creates awareness, and educates, strengthens the advocacy for non-violence which in return will help make our community a safer place to live.

The Proclamation by Governor of the State of Arizona, Douglas A. Ducey, proclaimed peace as the “deepest hope” and “guiding inspiration” for all of humanity. There are several Cities of Peace in Arizona and many of the leaders are working toward Arizona becoming a State of Peace, the criteria of which is detailed below.


How to Establish a State or Province of Peace

The criteria for establishing a State or Province of Peace in order to build the infrastructure of a Culture of Peace is as follows:

• Fill out the Letter of Intent with at least two signatures of government officials (pdf of Letter on the “How To Establish a City of Peace” section of the ICP website).
• Initiate and complete the process for establishing the Capital City of the State/Province as a City of Peace.
• In addition to the Capital, the State/Province must have at least four of the top ten population Cities complete the process as International Cities of Peace.
• The head of government of the State/Province must establish an official Liaison, Committee, or Commission for a Culture of Peace. The Liaison, Committee, or Commission must create a vision, mission, and goals to utilize government resources for the benefit of a more peaceful community (i.e. increased safety, prosperity, and quality of life).
• After completing the above criteria, a Proclamation must be signed establishing the State/Province as an International State or Province of Peace.

A unique web page for the State or Province will be provided free of charge to highlight the region’s culture, history, peace legacy and vision for the future. A facilitator must be designated as the central point of communication between the network and government.

Rooms That Honor, Rooms That Share is a great opportunity to create the infrastructure of peace though the good work of support Please get in touch with the Director today.

NOTE: The views of our major donors are the personal views of the honorees and not, necessarily, the views of International Cities of Peace, the Board or volunteers. We simply honor their generosity and work for peace by providing this Room of Honor. For more information: