NEW City Committed to Peace in South America!

Milenios de Paz founder and ICP Board Member Inés Palomeque announced that 9 de Julio (Neuve, a city within Buenos Aires Province, Argentina) declared as a City Committed to Peace and our 212th Peace City. Inés has brought 23 Cities in Argentina and Uruguay to our collaborative network with Resolutions by their City Councils to fly the Roerich Peace Flag and work toward a city culture of peace. Please congratulate Council President Maria Jose Gentile as well as Silvia Callegaro, Mónica Blanco, Elisabet Urso, Mariel Amestoy the citizens of Neuve de Julio. Also we honor Inés Palomeque on her great peacebuiding. More about Mil Milenios de Paz:…/buenos-aires-a…/




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