Vision 1000!


Since its founding in 2009, International Cities of Peace has achieved much success in both growth and impact. Last year, the Association of peace cities exceeded membership of 300 Cities of Peace in over 60 countries and the growth has accelerated.

Yet as organizational icon Marshall Goldsmith said, “What got you here, will not get you there.” Getting “there” is a huge challenge: to put in motion a tipping force for world peace by helping establish Cities of Peace across the globe.

History shows us that the dream of world peace is illusive. Violence and injustice continue, seemingly, unabated. The global Cities of Peace movement has potential to change that dynamic yet we must be highly innovative, committed, and organized for sustainable growth.

This Strategic Plan is intended to do the following:

  • Clarify and communicate the essential nature of International Cities of Peace
  • Ensure the organization is sustainable over time
  • Limit the liability that plagues large organizations
  • Organize to achieve our Growth Goal by Year 2025

The intended audiences of this Strategic Plan are those involved in the Cities of Peace movement, including board members, volunteers, community liaisons and team members, advisors and alliances, donors, friends, and the general public.

If you have questions, comments, ideas, or especially the desire to volunteer for this monumental and historic goal, please know that we need you. Send an email describing your thoughts on peacebuilding to:


International Cities of Peace will grow to 1000 Cities of Peace by Year 2025 to put in motion a tipping force for global peace.

Based on a standard physics term, a “tipping force” is the energy necessary to overcome the status quo when the momentum of change becomes too strong to resist. It is akin to Gandhi’s “Truth Force” for nonviolent change. The strong energy of peace, so long anticipated, is being created by Cities of Peace across the globe.

  1. How do we achieve our Growth Goal of 1000 Cities of Peace?
  2. How do we truly transform the world?

International Cities of Peace is a registered trademark and program of the not-for-profit association Cities of Peace, Inc. Since its founding in 2009, International Cities of Peace (hereafter the “Association” or “ICP”) has grown to include hundreds of self-established Cities of Peace on all six continents. To achieve our Growth Goal, we must do the following two tasks in order to expand from 300 to 1000 Cities of Peace.

  1. The Association must organize for scalable growth and provide benefits for thousands of new City of Peace Liaisons and peace teams.
  2. Most importantly, the Association must be able to mentor and facilitate a substantive transformation of the ways and means that individuals and communities journey toward a deeply held and practical culture of peace.

The first task — to achieve scalable growth — is one that requires innovation in how to organize for expansion yet limits the financial and legal risks that have caused other peace initiatives to fail. The second task — to literally transform our world — is one of allowing the powerful, historical archetype of the City of Peace ideal to inspire compassionate and practical actions that reduce fear and build community peace.




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