A few months ago, the ICP Lead Facilitator J. Fred Arment asked the leaders of the five Cities of Peace initiatives in Dandora, Kenya for their input. Dandora has five large communities just outside of Nairobi, that are built in the largest toxic dump site in Kenya.

These ICP Liaisons stepped forward and have done a remarkable job to work together in a Unity Proposition to build safety, prosperity, and quality of life for their youth and elders. I have no doubt that funders will be impressed with their commitment and collaboration.

We must help them as they help themselves. Congratulations to Dishon Otiende, Pastor Bonbian, Dinah Arwa, Diana Jomo, and Jane Mihango, who have set the standard for UNITY as Liaisons of five separate but connected Cities of Peace. Included below are parts of their amazing Action Plan here so that you can, perhaps, sponsor them. Encourage them, engage them, help them — as they take control of their situation for the good of all people in Dandora.

Action Plan_ Dandora Liaison Group

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