LATEST INITIATIVE: The Corporate Sustainability Program from International Cities of Peace will be coming online soon. Today, organizations are tasked with additional criteria for business success. New operational models such as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the United Nations Global Compact Reporting (COP), and other ratings standards urge businesses to engage as a positive force for the local and global community. International Cities of Peace can help businesses and groups find partners in this rising effort toward a concerted action toward global peace. Soon a new program will be underway to facilitate both altruistic and market-based collaborations.

The Value Proposition for the Corporate Sustainability Program
from International Cities of Peace: Safe, effective, “shovel-ready” projects worldwide that will exceed stakeholder expectations for your organization’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.


If you are a business or organization interested in building a Social Responsibility partnership with International Cities of Peace, please send to



You are invited to attend! The April 4th Meeting will be a Q&A Session — You got Questions? Get answers! You got Comments? We’re interested!

The City of Peace Movement will be discussing your important questions and concerns on: our latest global/local actions, funding strategies, volunteerism, Peace Teams, How-To’s, What-Up’s — ICP Mentors and Facilitators will be online as well as Liaisons around the globe. See you at the follwing times:

Tuesday, April 4th, 11:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time (check timezones)
Meeting ID: 836 7940 5653
Passcode: 150788

Hora: 4 abr 2023 05:00 p. m. Buenos Aires, Georgetown
Unirse a la reunión Zoom
ID de reunión: 844 0633 6619
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Patchogue, Long Island, New York: City of Peace
Project: ICP Contest using Peace Poles

Description: This project hopes to promote Peace, Non-violence, Social Justice, Environmental Preservation, and other ways to make the world a better place using Peace Poles as a tool. The contest would last two years (2023 and 2024). Each ICP would plant Peace Poles, or have indoor Peace Poles and use them to focus attention on the above goals. At the end of the two year period, the ICP would submit a one page summary, 500 words or less and a picture if desired, showing how they had used Peace Poles to promote the above goals. An award, to be determined, would be given to the three most interesting, inspirational, and motivational uses of their Peace Poles. At least 10 ICP are needed. If your ICP would like to participate, please contact me. (Photo shows a Peace Pole being planted in memory of Marcelo Lucero in front of the Patchogue Carnegie Library on Main Street in Patchogue.)

Contact: John Baum

Kabernet, Kenya: City of Peace
Project: Eco-learning Cultural Centre
Description: This is a project to foster the light of peace through trauma informed art, education, creative play and cultural activities, to reduce illiteracy level from 75 per cent among the Pokot community living in Baringo County in Kenya; which will finally solve the problem of inter-community conflicts where the Pokots are the aggressors due to high illiteracy level.

“Let’s maintain peace so that our children can get education.”

With escalating conflict between the Turkana and Pokot pastoralist communities, raids for land, water, and cattle have been historically persistent; global climate change, increasing drought, and the availability of small arms have contributed to frequent and more violent conflict. When brutality erupted in January 2021, 1500 families were displaced, 26 homes burned, 10 people were killed. This project shall therefore strategically include women and children in reducing conflict and building peace. Women and their children are the most vulnerable groups when conflict arises and we are using them to preach the message of co-existence among communities. The activities are aimed at fighting retrogressive cultural practices by providing good education that will eventually eradicate the practices and will save the girls and boys from unnecessary pain and permanent physical and psychological damage.

Photo: One of the Peace School’s teachers, Prisca Jepotipin (second from left) with three Pokot Tribesmen.

Contact: John Tilji Menjo at

Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.: City of Peace
Project: Conscious Sustainable Systems Change

Description: Across the country and around the world people do not have the basic necessity of running water. This does not just affect the poorest countries, it affects hundreds of thousands of households across America. Residents living without running water are not able to bathe, flush the toilet, wash their hands, etc.

Residents lose or leave their homes; children can be taken away by social services, infectious diseases manifest, and lead toxins from stagnant pipes travel to neighboring homes. Rev. Cass Charrette has heard the horrific experiences of vulnerable people and families who have had their water shut-off. Although there are assistance programs, this funding is temporary.

Water is essential to life!

There is a solution: Implementing a Water Affordability Plan (WAP). A WAP is a city or state wide program that supports all consumers to pay according to their income, allowing residents access to water even in financial hardship. 

Rev. Cass Charrette, Cities of Peace Detroit has an extensive history of working with city officials and residents in the Detroit Tri-County area. She is working with Mr. Roger Colton, an expert for implementing WAPs in cities. Member COP representatives can be liaisons for this important work in your city. 

Contact: Cass Charrette


IF YOUR PROJECT IS “HAPPENING”, YOU CAN BE HIGHLIGHTED HERE: Send your project title and a 200 word description along with a non-copyrighted photo you have taken, to:



ICP Central is building capacity with an efficient, effective Facilitator Volunteer Team that handles our expanding network operations of our nearly 400 member Cities of Peace. We now have professional volunteers for six of our nine Facilitator positions: Communications, Systems, Human Resources, Outreach, Programs, and the Lead Facilitator.

However, there are opportunities for three additional individuals who are committed to peace work that has purpose and success. Are you experienced in social media with experience in developing campaigns? Fundraising with a background in writing grants? Compliance issues, perhaps a retired lawyer?

Volunteer Facilitators join the ICP Central Team and do the good work necessary to keep the accelerating momentum of the Cities of Peace Movement. After a year of successful teamwork, each Facilitator is nominated to join the Board of Directors for the not-for-profit organization Cities of Peace, Inc.

Without our volunteer Facilitators working in collaboration as the ICP Central Team, our universal and mutual goal of building global peace — one community at a time — could not have achieved such success.  Help keep the Momentum. Use your experience and commitment to peace in a way that results in true progress. Thanks to the whole Team!

Ready to deliver value to nearly 400 City of Peace leader in over 70 countries? Ready for global peace? Send a professional résumé with work experience in these three areas: Social Media, Development, and Compliance to:
Photo of the Month!
In Guerrero State, Mexico, City of Peace leader Wendy Carbajal Sotelo. Wendy’s City of Peace team is providing many resources and support for children and adults in Mexico, including the three Cities of Peace in Guerrero State: Zihuatanejo, Chilpancingo, and Benitez are the beginning of a statewide process of achieving Guerrero Cities of Peace.

Thanks to all the mentors, donors, Liaisons and peace teams that are working each and every day for all of our benefit. Global peace is possible… and truly difficult. Together, we can do it. I have absolutely no doubt, and you’ll see why I am so optimistic. You can truly Inspire Peace™

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International Cities of Peace

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