Derry-Londonderry becomes an International City of Peace!

Such a historic and profound story is to be told in new ways today. As Derry-Londonderry, Northern Ireland convenes at the Guildhall, the world celebrates their journey from violence to peace, so hard won and profound. A coalition of local citizens and dignitaries gather to acknowledge their present days of peace as well as their joining as the 391st International City of Peace.

We want to thank two individuals who brought this day together, along with other citizens, including the Mayor and Straybane District Councillor Patricia Logue. Citizen Seamus Kennedy first approached International Cities of Peace in 2013 and in 2020 introduced us to the Rverend David Latimer, a man known for peacework as the page below will tell. Thank you Seamus and Rev. David for the work you have done to bring your City to the International Cities of Peace network.




Derry-Londonderry Announcement


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