Bihac, Bosnia: City of Peace


We welcome Ermina Alagic, Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina: City of Peace, to our Advisory Council. We also honor Maida Curtovic for her steadfast work in making this happen. These individuals and their colleagues lay out a practical vision for their community:

Note: Introduction page with information primarily at the time of joining International Cities of Peace. For updates, please contact the liaison.

Overall aim of this Program is to empower individuals to accept and joyfully implement idea of one person being able to change world’s peace and bring Bihać to the point of internationally recognized peace center.

This Program is based on local activity addressed to global problem, by directing to neglected, but obvious root of problem cause.
Aim is to be achieved trough devoted engagement on peacebuilding, by building communities based on spiritual bridges between people, based on proper understanding of peace, peacebuilding, peace culture and peace economy.

VISION is to achieve balance of hope, prosperity and security in community
MISSION is to be transformation of roots of violence and turmoil into peace, compassion and tolerance.

We identify main problem in lack of knowledge and experience of true peace, as declared by UN, within communities. Analyses shows, although we have legacy of peace, that this matter was not paid adequate attention troughout history. Accordingly, we commit to create and implement programs, based on our experience and methodology, and in cooperation with International Cities of Peace members, to tackle the roots of the problem and give our contribution to worlds peace, trough supporting peace attaining of individuals in our community.
Preferred methodologies are based on live-teach-show-do models, trough direct contacts, group lectures, and other activities precisely named in Program activities section..
We envision the Program as non-cessation one, by building legacy to remain to future carriers to promote peace. The Program is to be field-implemented


  • Clarify peace as measurable condition
  • Promote peace as beneficial condition, not as inhibiting social/emotional factor
  • Explain personal values in detachment of social expectations and present conditions
  • Introduce prosperity as personal right and value, to be implementad on daily bases
  • Affirm hope as personaly beneficial state for desired achievements
  • Build personal security confidence
  • Clearly distinct justice from need to judge or being judged
  • Build personal inspirational relation with prosperity, hope, security and justice
  • Raise individual health to primary life matters
  • Stress the importance of understanding health properly, as well as our role in it
  • Point out close and unbreakable connection between peace and health
  • Change overall picture of physical and mental diseasies, from fatal conditions to just temporary state of absence of ease
  • Plainly link social wellbeing to mental and physical wellbeing
  • Construct a strong personal peace platform as basement for breakthrough ideas and their implementation
  • Promote importance of each community in building peace platform
  • Promote our achievemnts internationally, trough submission of case studies and successfully implemented projects to the ICP and other peace oriented networks.


  • Giving lectures on subjects named in Program’s goals
  • Identify and encourage individuals who are ready and willing to live an idea of peace
  • Give personal support and training on peacebuilding to identified individuals
  • Offer group support / workshops to those who seek to attain or master peace and health
  • Work on identifying empowering legacy of peace in local area
  • Linkage with individuals and organisations that achieved impressive results in peacebuilding
  • Organize master-workshops with individuals and organization representatives from the above, who understand the importance of working directly on „earthquake prone areas“
  • Bring culture, art, bussiness to the simpliest form of understanding for uneducated people by organizing educational exhibits, musical events, lectures, etc.
  • Daily promotion of peace prerequisites to successful living, trough direct contacts and media
  • Organizing round tables on hot peace topics
  • Hosting local and international gnostic-entertainment peace conventions
  • Strenghtening connection between communities by introducing mutual true peace benefits
  • Constant research on peace legacy and presentation trough appropriate publications



The results we expect are behavioural and communicational changes at first. That is to turn people to peace culture for their own benefits, not because they are expected to do so.
Secondary, we expect emerge of individual peace ideas, addressed to life quality improvement, to be implemented.
Final expectation is directed to improvement of overall HEALTH, as considered by WHO, not just as absence of illness, but achievement of a balance of physical, mental and social wellbeing, and overall PEACE, as considered by UN, not only as absence of war and violence, but a condition where society has achieved balance of prosperity, security, justice and hope.


This program is envisioned as non-cessation one, by building it in spirit of leaving legacy to future carriers to promote peace.


In this moment, we count on kind support, monitoring and evaluation to be done by Advisory Board of ICP.
As soon as possible, this duty and priviledge will be extended to Executive Advisory Panel, but our true progress cannot be but measured by local community health and economy progress, as well as our impact on health and economy progress of other ICP members.


For the time being, we will begin program implementation, counting on owr own resources and capabilities.
Our long-term goal is to have the Program understood by City Business Panel, as well as International Donnor’s Communities, thus have it supported by them.
We also plan to devalop education programs, based on Peace Economy model, to be offered to citizens, as well as world-wide peace oriented communities, and create self-sustainable Organisation. Moreover, we have deep trust to be able to establish and strenghten Organization which would be able to support ideas of citizens.


About the leaders of the initiative.

The Program is to be carried based on initiative and action of group of individuals, commited to peacebuilding and life quality improvement, with expertise in the named area:

Maida Curtovic, Doctor of Naturopathy, Licenced Practitioner of I AM healing/teaching concept, internationally recognized for her achievments in health area
Ermina Alagic, Enterpreneur, Director of eWellness, Center for Life Quality Improvement, holder and implementator of initiative International Peace Voyage Movement

These individuals proved, trough their knowledge, commitment and achieved results, their competence to create, lead and supervise easy-adopted models of peacebuilding and life quality improvement.

Ermina Alagic:

Maida Curtovic:


History of Bihac (from Wikipedia)

LBihać is a city and municipality on the river Una in the north-western part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the Bosanska Krajina region. Bihać is located in the Una-Sana Canton (Canton I) in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The city and the region are now becoming a viable tourist destination for its natural beauty, proclaimed National Park by UNESCO recently.

Bihać suffered the destruction of many buildings during the Bosnian War, when the area around the city was under siege by joint forces composing of Bosnian Serb, Croatian Serb, and Serbian-backed Bosniaks for over three years, until the summer of 1995 when the siege was broken in the beginning of the Croats’ Operation Storm conjoined with Bosnian forces under General Atif Dudaković.

The city and the region are now becoming a viable tourist destination for its natural beauty. The Una river valley where Bihać is situated provides the best route from Zagreb to Dalmatia so the traffic position is also favorable.

There’s also a yearly regatta held on the Una, as well as the Bihać Summer theatrical event.

From Ermina: “It is important to point out that, trough history, Bihac showed specific power to keep the status of free city, despite drastic changes in authorities, and with regards to freedom of movement, commerce and prosperity. Out of this fact, we yet may conclude that Bihac has natural and geographical power to open peace orientation of Balcan and further.”


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