Dandora, Phase 2, Nairobi, Kenya: International City of Peace

We welcome Pastor Bonbian Onyango and his colleagues who are serving the community in Dandora, Phase 2, Nairobi, Kenya. Dandora. Pastor Bonbian is Director of the “Integrity Education Centre, offering quality basic education at affordable cost.”

Mr. Bonbian will be working with four other Liaisons in the other four Phases of Dandora. Working together, collaborating, and cooperating on mutual goals will achieve much more than individually each peacemaker could do alone.

Note: Introduction page with information primarily at the time of joining International Cities of Peace. For updates, please contact the liaison.




  1. Working with local provincial administration, through public meetings
  2. Championing Children’s rights protection and advocacy
  3. Highlighting plight of the girl child
  4. Fostering peaceful coexistence between Christian/Muslim brothers
  5. Working closely with the Constituency Development Fund committee in Dandora phase two for equal distribution of development and resources e.g. school bursaries etc.



  1. Partnering with local NGO’S e.g. RIDA, DREAM GIRL etc. whose main objectives are:
  • Nutritional awareness and support for the vulnerable members of the community
  • Material and psychosocial support for people with HIV and AIDS
  • Girl child mentorship programs for teenage girls and young mothers
  • Offering referrals service


  1. Director of Integrity Education Centre offering quality basic education at affordable cost

Offering feeding program sponsored and supported by parents and well-wishers from the church



  • Purchasing a 5-acre piece of land and building a community peace Centre hosting:
  • A community library within Dandora II
  • Community social hall for youth programs and public meetings
  • An educational Centre for orphaned and vulnerable children
  • A child friendly, community information Centre
  • Children’s safe space and play Centre
  • Youth employment and referral Centre
  • Environmental activism through planting of trees along Nairobi River banks within Dandora II area



  • Networking with other likeminded individuals and organizations
  • Soliciting funds for the orphans and vulnerable children at our Centre
  • Securing educational scholarships for children under our program
  • Seeking supportive partners for our feeding program at the Centre
  • Undertaking continuous peace trainings on our members

Undertaking community civic education on the importance and impact of peace








My name is Bonbian Onyango, a Kenyan citizen born in Kisumu county and currently a resident of Dandora phase II within Nairobi city for the last 20 years. I am married to Jane Onyango and together we have been blessed with three children.

I am a trained teacher having undertaken the course at Kamagambo Teachers Training College in the year 2003. I started connecting with the word of God and in the year 2013 I undertook a theological course at Jesus Life Ministry and qualified as a pastor.

I am a founding pastor of a church in Dandora called, Covenant Pentecostal Church founded in the year 2009. The church has been playing a crucial role in the community and in the year 2013 we were blessed to start a community school with me as the director. The school is operational to date.

I’m also a community social worker, health volunteer, leader and opinion shaper, actively involved in the day to day affairs of the community that I work and live in.




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ABOUT DANDORA, KENYA (from Wikipedia)

Dandora is an eastern suburb in Nairobi, Kenya. It is part of the Embakasi division. Surrounding neighbourhoods called estates include Kariobangi, Baba Dogo, Gitare Marigo and Korogocho. Dandora was established in 1977, with partial financing by the World Bank in order to offer a higher standard of housing.

Nairobi’s principal dumping site is situated in Dandora. The Dandora Oxygenation Ponds, a prominent feature on satellite imagery of the area, is Nairobi’s main sewage treatment works, and discharges processed water into the Nairobi River. Dandora is divided into 5 phases. Crime thrives here due to high rate of school drop out and the city’s dumpsite. The dumpsite is an environmental hazard. The burning of the waste during the night can cause choking. Houses nearing the site are filled with smoke making it hard to breathe. Dandora is commonly attributed with flying toilets during the night which cause people sleepless nights at night.

At the dumping site, many people experience health risks. For example, skin diseases are common for a big part of the people living there.  Moreover, there are many resources of toxic waste. Inhabitants could experience health effects of this because the toxic substances that are in for example e-waste could end up in the air. Due to this, air pollution can emerge.  Behind of this, people without access to a job collect waste to sell. Through this, there is a possibility of income



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