Gabés, Gabés Governorate, Tunisia: International City of Peace

We welcome Lassad Ben Ammar as he and his colleagues establish Gabés, capital city of the Gabés Governorate, Tunisia. Lassad is leading an effort in this war-torn community to work on “giving the right meaning of peace, humanity and justice”.

Lassad is looking to build a coalition of peacemakers to fully develop his vision of human rights and peace in Tunisia. Gabès is the capital city of the Gabés Governorate, one of the 24 governorates of Tunisia and in south-eastern Tunisia. It covers an area of 7166 km and had a population of 374,300 in the 2014 census.

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Peacemaking in Tunisia


Human development training and peace making in Tunisia


  • Training session in the field of women and childhood
  • Training sessions for the politicians in communication to present the real meaning of peace and fraternity
  • Keeping the well international relationship with all the people through the world against the poverty and faim and homeless children
  • Presenting solutions for the children miss studies to procure for them dignity and the good being
  • Realizing the dignity humanity  for the rural women and giving up the aggression against them

Letters of Intent



Lassad Ben Ammar was born in 1979 as a Tunisian citizen. He stated he has always “worked on peace propagating in the civil society and in helping others.”

Lassad has an impressive résumé:

  • – An international Ambassador for Peace
    – Member of the international federation of audiovisual prevate media
    – President of the Arab Union of Arab journalists Tunisia office
    – An international Ambassador for Peace and international Relations
    – President of the international Economic concil for development and investment in Tunisia
    – Representative of the Arab peoples leagues of Arab Nations
    – President of the international Concil of Arab people in Tunisia
    – Arabic Radio reporter
    – The profession : trainer of youths and sports
    – An international trainer in human development

  • Member of the International Academy of the Coaches in the World
  • Member of the International Arab Peoples League
  • Trainer by the international Federation of private media
  • Associated with the International Peace and friendship Organization; Youth Leader from 2013
  • In 2o11, President of the Tunisian Organization for the Defense of theright to housing and the human right to a decent living

  • In 2o17 / 2o18, received training in the field human development from the European Board and the group has a license to open a presentative office in Tunisia
  • In 2o19, Delegate of Arab Nations League in Tunisia
  • Participation in several training course in the f1eld entrepreneurship for youth and civil society and certification from the European Union
  • Organized training course in all disciplines for the benefit of civil society
  • Intervention for reedy families to provide livelihoods and improve housing
  • Intervention low-income students to avoid early dropout
  • Participation in a Scientific Forum on the Environment within a partnership project with the European Union
  • Participation in a scientific convergence forum between the state political parties and civil society
  • Trainer by the international Federation of private media
  • Correspondent of Maghreb Magazine
  • Obtained 5 certificates in the relational training in human development
  • Honored by the Supreme Election Commission to receive observers from all over the world.
  • Conducted courses online in the field of human development and human rights with the trainer Ms. Najeh Chatti





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ABOUT GABES, TUNISIA (from Wikipedia)

Gabès is the capital city of the Gabès Governorate in Tunisia. It is located on the coast of the Gulf of Gabès. With a population of 152,921, Gabès is the 6th largest Tunisian city. Gabes is 327 km away from Tunis and 113 km away from Sfax.

Gabès is the ancient Tacapae or Tacape (Τακάπη in Ancient greek) or Tacapes of the Roman province of Tripolitania. Strabo refers to this city as an important entrepot of the Lesser Syrtis. Pliny (18.22) remarks that the waters of a copious fountain at Tacape were divided among the cultivators according to a system where each had the use of the water during a certain interval of time.

The Tabula Peutingeriana shows Tacape between Marcomades and Sabratha.

Gabès is one of the biggest industrial cities in Tunisia. Most industries are chemical oriented, this is why the city offers one of the best chemistry degrees in Africa from the University of Gabès. The main industries are:
• Cement
• Chemical products
• Brick Factories
• Oil refinery

The fast-growing numbers of factories has resulted in fairly serious pollution of the area and of the Gulf of Gabès. In recent years the government is working on new programs and laws to decrease the amount of pollution.

Gabès is famous for its traditional Souqs in Jarah; it is known also for its attractive beach and the unusual seaside oasis (Gabès is located on the coast of the Mediterranean). The best parts of the beach are in the south of the city (Road to Djerba). The best one is the Lemawa or Lemaya beach. The government is planning to build a tourist zone there in the coming years. Gabès has a unique feature in the world, in this city you find the mountain, the sea, the oasis and the desert. The streets of Gabès come alive at night during Ramadan, where sook’s (shops) are open on the streets and parties happen almost everyday in the night during Ramadan. The most visited place in Gabès is the town Matmata.

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