IHUSI, Kalehe Territory, D.R. Congo: International City of Peace

We welcome Fikiri Prince Chebujongo and his colleagues who have established Ihusi Village in the Kalehe Territory of D.R. Congo as an International City of Peace.

Note: Introduction page with information primarily at the time of joining International Cities of Peace. For updates, please contact the liaison.


Divided. Armed. On edge. With one year of experience working on the front lines of violent conflict, we know the early signs of danger. And we see in the  democratic Republic of the Congo, a country that stands on the brink..

CITY OF PEACE IHUSI  is the largest dedicated peacebuilding organization in our area. Since 2020, we have worked to end violent conflict and to build healthy, safe, and just societies all over the world. Currently, we work in IHUSI  across D.R. CONGO.

OUR MISSION is to transform the way the world deals with conflict, away from adversarial approaches and toward cooperative solutions.

WE BELIEVE that conflict is inevitable but violence is not. Conflict is a natural result of human diversity. When we deal with conflict adversarially, it generates polarization and violence. When we collaborate, conflict catalyzes positive change.

OUR VISION is a world where cooperation is the norm—where differences stimulate social progress, rather than precipitate violence.


  • Fikiri Prince Chebujongo, Liaison for two-way communication with ICP
  • Muhindo Victoire Kubikawa, logistics.
  • Shukuru Chebujongo
  • CLaude, the coordinator.
  • Espoire Munganga, group animator.
  • Furaha Mungaga, financial manager

The Millennial Action Project (MAP) is the first local organization dedicated to overcoming Congolese’s partisan gridlock through next generation leadership. MAP pursues its mission through three related paths: Creating the foundations to foster political cooperation, promoting millennial leadership, and advancing post-partisan policy.

We aim to heal racism in the IHUSI CITY at interpersonal and institutional levels. Using INTERNATIONAL CITY OF PEACE IHUSI approach, we create opportunities for a wide range of people to work together constructively across dividing lines. While the focus is race, our approach depends on the participation of people of […]

Our goal is to support the creation and adoption of common ground legislation that upholds the rights of the Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender (LGBT) community while protecting religious liberties. We also work with communities and their leaders to strengthen existing legislation that supports these rights.


The consolidation of peace, stabilization and sustainable development of eastern DRC through the restoration of State authority guaranteeing respect for human rights, the protection of civilians, especially children and women and environmental protection.

Mobilize all the living forces of the population in order to collaborate and support the Congolese State through the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo FARDC and the Congolese National Police PNC and as well as the international community through MONUSCO in the process of the consolidation of peace, the protection of civilians and the socio-economic recovery of the communities most affected by the conflicts. ICP IHUSI advocates for good governance, the participation of all for the well-being of all.

Activities for the celebration of the International Day of Peace on September 21, 2022 in IHUSI by ICP IHUSI

1. Peace training and initiation
2. Community rapprochement of FARDC, PNC and civil society organizations
3. Peace Theater
4. Planting trees for peace
5. Dance and music on peace
6. Sharing a community meal in the name of peace
7. Peace Parade and Caravan


In 2021, we launched INTERNATIONAL CITY OF  PEACE IHUSI— a new, exciting program to tackle the roots of conflicts that affect Americans across all lines of diversity.

Our work in the IHUSI CITY goes back a decade, with many initiatives to build bridges around issues like immigration, civil rights, racial discrimination, religion, gender, and sexual orientation.


It is for more than two decades already that our province of South Kivu, our cities and our villages undergo repeated wars and security instability, all this does not happen without very harmful consequences in the life of the population, particularly in the economic, social, education, health, environmental fields, etc. So far the security situation remains precarious. Since then, the efforts of the Congolese government and the international community have been felt through the operations that the FARDC continues to carry out to restore peace and restore state authority throughout the province. to do.

International city IHUSI for the Consolidation of Peace, the ICP IHUSI in acronym which is a permanent framework for exchanges and collaboration between civil society organizations and the Civic and Patriotic Education Service and Social Actions of the FARDC, organizes a series of activities in several areas aimed at bringing the military and civilians closer together and aimed at mobilizing all the living forces of the population (economic operators, religious denominations, young students, pupils, women, peasants, humanitarian workers, etc.) in order to become fully involved in the search for peace and the sustainable development of our country. the ICP IHUSI wants to reconcile the efforts of the civilian population with those of the Congolese government and the international community through MONUSCO in the process of restoring peace throughout the province of South Kivu and everywhere in the East of the ground floor. IHUSI PKI is very much about supporting everyone’s efforts for civilian protection and community resilience.

The ICP IHUSI is apolitical and all its members remain apolitical.




Fikiri Prince Chebujongo:






To contact or support this initiative:

Fikiri Chebujongo <fikirichebujongo@gmail.com>


Kalehe Territory is subdivided into two chiefdoms: Buloho and Buhavu. The Buhavu chiefdom which is located alongside lake Kivu, is the most populated place of Kalehe. Its populations are “Bantu” and their common language is “Kihavu”. The Buhavu is led by a clan called “Bahande”. This clan lead majorly villages and urban centres of the chiefdom. Ihusi is in the south part of Kalehe, the king’s palace (mwami) called Kamirogosa. Note that Nyangezi Mugugu is the father of the journalist Elvis Elisha Nyangezi of the Bubandano Radio in Minova.

Kalehe Territory is a territory in South Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Its administrative centre is the town of Kalehe on the western shore of Lake Kivu. Other important towns include Buguli, Bunyakiri, Kalangala, Kalungu, Minova, and Nyamasasa.

Kalehe Territory is located in the far eastern Congo on the western shores of Lake Kivu. The eastern part of Kahuzi-Biéga National Park is located in Kalehe Territory.

Kalehe Territory borders the country of Rwanda to the east, across Lake Kivu. It borders the province of North Kivu (the territories of Walikale and Masisi) in the north; and the territories of Shabunda in the west, Kabare in the south, and Idjwi (an island in the middle of the Lake Kivu) also to the east.

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