Lake County, California, U.S.A.: City of Peace

We welcome Taira St. John, Ph.D., MFT, Founder, Lake County Summer of Peace, to the ICP Advisory Council as leader of Lake County, California, U.S.A.: Community of Peace. Dr. St. John and her colleagues lay out a practical vision for their community:

Note: Introduction page with information primarily at the time of joining International Cities of Peace. For updates, please contact the liaison.

The Mission: Lake County Summer of Peace 2012 (Draft 11-7-11)

The Lake County Summer of Peace 2012 was officially declared in a Proclamation by the Lake County Board of Supervisors on August 23, 2012 to be celebrated by the entire county from June 22 through September 21, 2012, the International Day of Peace. Lake County is honored to be the first city/county/region in the state of California and the only county in the U.S. (we think!) to date to represent and activate this global event.

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Reflecting humankind’s global heartening and the universal desire for inner and outer peace, the Summer of Peace 2012 is being launched as a worldwide celebration to highlight personal, community and societal initiatives of common good emerging across
multiple sectors: health, education, business, science, environment, arts, military, religion, spirituality and more!

The Lake County Summer of Peace 2012 will present a broad spectrum of the many facets of peace and prosperity through programs, media, theater, workshops, concerts and other events, small and large, hosted and produced by Lake County residents. This worldwide event provides the opportunity for all individuals across all sectors of society to enjoy, reflect and broaden their understanding of peace. All are invited to participate as spectators and presenters of events as we grow in unified spirit toward a more peaceful world. We are all in this together!

For further information or to offer your individual or group way of peace, including your annual event or festival by your business, community organization, agency, office or non-profit dedicated to Peace and Prosperity in 2012, please call: 707-262-0400 or email

Vision: Lake County Summer of Peace 2012 (Draft 11-7-11)
The vision of the Lake County Summer of Peace 2012 is to activate the largest global commitment to Peace and Prosperity in one season in the history of humankind. With your help, this is possible, and is beginning to happen!

As a microcosm of the global celebration, The Lake County Summer of Peace 2012, designated to be celebrated from June 22 through September 21 (the International Day of Peace designated by the United Nations in 1984), will include:
·      A local county-wide transformation of daily life into 200-300 workshops, online actions, conferences, concerts, video, film and stage shows, festivals, media campaigns, art exhibits, writing/theatrical competitions, religious and spiritual services, military appreciation of peace and grassroots activities at various venues throughout the lake area;
·      An opening day ceremony in Lakeport’s Library Park to dedicate a Prayer Pole, with County dignitaries and the public gathering for the celebration and launching of the Summer of Peace. Other towns, churches, spiritual groups and other organizations, including the tribal communities around the lake will also be encouraged to celebrate their own sacred celebrations.
·      A reflection of the global celebration of what’s working in peacebuilding initiatives within and beyond Lake County through presentations initiated, created and produced by county individuals and groups through workshops, plays, musical programs and other events;
·      A forum for highlighting the vast array of SAFETY, SECURITY AND INNER PEACE living skills now manifesting across multiple sectors of society – health, education, business, science, religion, spirituality, environment, music, military, politics and more! – will provide individuals and groups to demonstrate their ways of peace;
·      An opportunity to demonstrate that this universal desire for Peace is emerging in all nations, regions, cities and rural communities, for all ages, all races and both genders to live minimally and celebrate life maximally through the arts, music, creativity, education and a shared vision of Lake County as a happy, thoughtful, productive, and kind place to live, work, play, visit and shop.
·      A demonstration of unfolding ecological and environmentally sustaining solutions to the dilemmas and fears (i.e., waste, destruction, economic collapse, health hazards, poverty and war) we see daily online and in the news media;
·      A glimpse into tomorrow’s technology, edge management practices, and a prepared workforce that invokes low-impact, high-end manufacturing and service performance and a lively economy for and by Lake County businesses for its growing population, especially among the expanding home businesses throughout the area; and…
·      Development of a community known throughout the state, nation and world for its food, wines and bistro/theatrical/sports/boating/fishing entertainment in and around the beauty of our lake as the No. 1 vacation spot in northern California.
Together, we are shifting the world from a culture of violence to a culture of Peace.  Join the Lake County Summer of Peace 2012 by signing up below, stating your own commitment to the 90-day event, including your how you would like to interface with the Summer of Peace 2012 so we can keep you informed as the Summer of Peace 2012 develops. Over the next few months you can expect new features in the news media and on the website (under construction) on this website such as:

  • An open source platform for you to share your personal Peace practices and to learn from others;
  • Practical, proven tools and resources for cultivating inner Peace and for promoting harmonious relationships in your family, school, community, the environment and the world at large;
  • Further cultural development of Lake County into an Artist and Writers colony, with little bistros around the lake for evening relaxation with Lake County wine and a growing community of talented musicians, artists and designers, writers (poets, novelists, journalists), actors, directors and producers.
  • Exemplary stories of reconciliation and hope that demonstrate the positive potential of Lake County residents using their creative imagination to shape their/our own world positively according to consensus by multiple inventive minds;
  • Enhancement and expansion of Lake County’s natural beauty and the pride of its residents through gardening, home and property improvement for residential and neighborhood attraction;
  • Emergent business prosperity paired with the Summer of Peace reaches beyond economic concerns toward a new common vision and practice of even better products and service, better marketing and development for increased tourism and welcome activities to travelers from neighboring counties, the Bay Area, and other cities and counties throughout California and the U.S.
  • Hosted by Lake County partners and active organizations regarding the health and well-being of all individuals and groups through cooperative and collaborative projects by individuals, businesses, public and private agencies, professionals, workers, military and retired military, churches, civic and service organizations, the courts, probation, law enforcement, law makers, government employees, programmers, repair people, operators, firefighters, mental health and social service providers, educators, alternative health care providers, artists, writers, performers, musicians, laborers, truck drivers, garbage men and women, postmen and women, tree and yard workers, technological products, systems and services designers, engineers, and developers, hospitals, health care professionals, communities and other non-profit organizations.

Contact Person: Taira St. John, Ph.D., MFT

Taira St John <>
County website:


About Lake County, California (from Wikipedia)

Clear Lake is at the heart of Lake County, and is the largest natural lake in California and possibly the oldest lake in North America with an estimated age of 2.5 millions years. Lake County boasts the cleanest air in the state of California. In fact, Lake County rarely experiences coastal or valley fog, which translates into lots of sunshine – approximately 265 days of clear or partly clear skies on average.

Lake County is a destination for the outdoor enthusiast with a wide range of trails for hiking, biking, and off-road adventures and many lakes for fishing, kayaking, and wakeboarding; for the nature lover with parks, preserves, and open spaces for viewing many types of birds, animals, and native plants; for the history buff with numerous museums, landmarks, pioneer towns, and Pomo culture; and it is a destination for the wine lover with some of California’s newest appellations, award-winning wines, and friendly wineries.

Visitors can take a mule-drawn wagon tour of a historic ranch complete with authentic chuckwagon barbecue and local wine, go flying in a biplane tour high above hills and valleys covered in vineyards, majestic oaks, and whispering pines, or paddle a kayak for an up-close view of nesting herons, soaring eagles, or dancing grebes.

Any time of year is right for discovering Lake County. In spring, vibrant redbud blossoms and wildflowers blanket valleys and meadows, making the area’s already-stunning landscape even more picturesque. During summer, warm weather and the lure of the lake beckon, enticing visitors to swim, waterski, fish, or just linger at the water’s edge. Independence Day celebrations include parades and colorful fireworks displays over the lake.

With autumn comes the joy of exploring roadside farm stands, harvest festivals, and tasting rooms to savor the flavors of the area’s premium pears, crunchy walnuts, and award-winning wines. Late fall and winter activities include holiday fairs and festivals, light parades, and even an annual teddy bear reunion.

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