Muhokya, Western Region, Uganda: International City of Peace

We welcome Tsotswana Johnson and the residents of the Ugandan Community Camp as they establish Muhokya as an International City of Peace.

Mr. Tsotswana has created a peace team in the community with the following commitment: “For safety, prosperity and quality of life, we shall make sure that people are provided with safe water for drinking and cooking, toilets in the camp, access to health services, mosquito nets to curb malaria, education to fight violence and illiteracy, as well as the empowerment of mothers.”

Note: Introduction page with information primarily at the time of joining International Cities of Peace. For updates, please contact the liaison.


THE CHALLENGES we face at the camp. Here are some of the hugest challenges;

  1. As the Muhokya Community, we have a challenge of famine and hunger due to lack of land for agriculture
  2. Poor sanitation at the camp
  3. Family violence
  4. Lack of scholastic materials to the school going children
  5. Illiteracy
  6. Disease as due to lack of mosquito nets in homes


Goals and Objectives

  1. To promote peace in Muhokya
  2. To fight illiteracy
  3. To improve the people’s standard of living in the camp
  4. To fight family violence
  5. To empower mother’s for a better living
  6. To promote peace through putting tribal conflicts to an end in Kasese District.



Tsotswana Johnson

I hail from Kasese District, Kampala City in Uganda-Africa. I work as the Managing Director of Muhokya Community Camp, Cities of Peace.


 1. Bwambale Ben

 2. Mrs.Rehema- Camp Chairperson

 3. Kuule Opiyo

 4. Maate Joakim

 5. Meso Josia





To contact or support this initiative:

Tsotswana Johnson <>


Muhokya is located in the Western Region of Uganda. In the Kasese District, Mukokya is within the area of Uganda’s capital of Mbarana. The community is 178 miles from Uganda’s capital, Kampala.

The Songora or Shongora (pl. Basongora, sing. Musongora) also known as “Bacwezi”, “Chwezi”, Huma or “Bahuma”) are a traditionally a pastoralist people of the Great Lakes region of Central Africa located in Western Uganda and Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. They have distinctive customs and speak Rusongora, a Bantu language that is similar to Runyankole and Runyoro. The Basongora population has reported as numbering 25,000 in 2015 in Uganda. Some Basongora also live in Eastern Congo.

The colonial and neo-colonial governments in Central Africa instituted programs to encourage the Basongora to abandon their traditional lifestyle, and most of the territory traditionally owned by the Songora community has been appropriated for use as national parks or has been settled and occupied by other communities, notably the Batoro and Bakonzo.

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