Nakivale Refugee Settlement, Uganda: City of Peace

We welcome Jonothan Djumbe of the Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Uganda. Jonathan is founder of Innovation School, which is dedicated to teaching children and empowering women and men of the Settlement. As the second Refugee Camp International City of Peace, the work is very important to many who have been living in the Settlement for decades.

Jonathan is young, 20 years old, born in D.R. Congo but left with his family to stay alive during war and violence. Jonathan’s personal goals are much like other refugees with a difference: he is committed to working for the safety, prosperity and qualify of life for ALL citizens of this community.

The importance of working with my community is to:

– Empower my community members with skills and knowledge to produce income generating activities which can reduce poverty and increases peace.

– Teach peace within the schools and youths centers in order to reduce conflicts and create substainable generations.

– Empower others in solving their own conflicts by holding seminars, workshops and discussions with community members on peace and conflict management.

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– Educate children in their future success and make them to become great leaders of tomorrow’s world,

– Enable women to become self-reliant through savings and Loans as well in learning English Language and Tailoring.

Innovation school’s mission is to:

– Transform through the promotion of the security based on good education and care the orphans children dedicated by its staff,

– Promote the education values of the orphans children,

– Educate and transform orphans children to become citizens of honor in the modern world,

– Enable women to become self-reliant through the trainings of business and English language by involving them into different savings and Loans groups to allow them support effectively their family basic needs,

– Provide women the hands on skills that can help them to start small scale-businesses which can generate revenue in the long-run such as making skin soaps and hand craft as well tailoring,

– Work in partnership with educational institutions on ground for the better of the community.

In the same context, INNOVATION SCHOOL is there to accompany and support women, men and unaccompanied orphans and children in their educational and strong management initiatives. The INNOVATION SCHOOL is able to defend their rights and interests for their integral development.

The pictures show are of different local events done in Nakivale such as Hygiene Promotion day, football for unaccompanied children, empowerment of women in business, and debate on peace with children, and more.






My name is Jonathan Djumbe aged 20 years old, Congolese by nationality. I was born in DRC Congo.Currently I live in Uganda in Nakivale refugee settlement as a refugee. I left my home country since 2015 due to the insecurity of my family and come in Uganda to seek for peace and security. When I reached in Uganda, I had realised that many youths were drunkard because of lack of occupations.

Therefore I have decided to start teaching English for the purpose of fighting against the illiteracy in my community and make every youths recognize the value of the language. After two years in 2017 I have realised again that many women and men were jobless due the lack of financial literacy. Indeed I have decided to start teaching my fellow refugees about the financial literacy, how to save money, money management and the rudimentary aspects of starting a small scale business.

At that period,most of refugees in Nakivale were not financially literate and believe that money is only meant for purchasing perishable goods. Later on I started involving these women and men in Entrepreneurial ideas like making soaps, juice and making clothes all in all for the purpose of helping them become self-reliant and support their family basic needs.

When it reached in 2019 our community has lived in a particular difficult situation characterized by a repeated movement of people,coming from almost everywhere in Africa in general and from sub-sahara Africa in Particular.I have decided to open a primary school for orphans in terms eradicating illiteracy to refugees children living in Nakivale refugee settlement…. I strongly believe that by serving my community I will be promoting peace to future generations.





To contact or support this initiative:

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Nakivale refugee settlement is a settlement located in Isingiro District in Southwest Uganda. The settlement hosts communities from Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Somalia, Rwanda, Eritrea, and Ethiopia.

Isingiro District is a district in the Western Region of Uganda. The town of Isingiro is the district’s main municipal, administrative, and commercial center.

The number of refugees in the Nakivale settlement is over 100,000, mainly from Congo-Kinshasa, Rwanda, Somalia and Burundi. There are also estimated to be about 35,000 Ugandans in its immediate vicinity who can access clean water, healthcare, education and other humanitarian assistance that the camp can provide.

Nakivale has been around since 1958 but has existed in its current form since 1960 and is a collaboration between various UN agencies, the Government of Uganda and various NGOs. The area amounts to 185 km² and is the eighth largest in the world. In 2014, the camp was divided into 79 villages spread over the three zones, including Rubondo, Base camp and Juru. Each city accommodates 800-1000 people. The settlers have the opportunity to dispose of over 50×100 meters of land with the goal of becoming self-sufficient. The Government of Uganda is responsible for the security of the refugees.


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