Due to his leadership and collaborative spirit, Ali Tebandeke has been asked by the Nateete Police Chief for ideas on how to address crime in this Ugandan city.

Nateete, Uganda: City of Peace


Welcome to Ali Tebandeke and his colleagues in Nateete, Uganda: City of Peace. Nateete is located in Lubaga Division, on the southwestern edge of the city of Kampala. It is bordered by Busega to the north, Lungujja to the northeast.

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Members of the Nateete Peace Group, including Ali Tebandeke, Swaleh Sengendo, Jumba isaac, moses mugabe in Rubaga Municipality.

Ali is a co-founder of MOVE TO LIGHT YOUTH DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE. He is a youth activist and an advocate for youth in Uganda. “The great zeal that I have towards working together and sharing with others has made me to where I am,” he said. “Due to the fact that my town was victimized by the insurgency that broke up in 2009 after the KABAKA saga, I see it so relevant and necessary to apply peace instruments in my town in order to unite the community and regain back our pride as well as act as an example to the neighbouring towns.”

“‘Peace begins with a smile’, according to Mother Teresa, and the only way to spread love and harmony is by settling disputes and to make history in my community through peaceful measures. The pathway to peace in my community shall be through sports, such as kickboxing, board games, boxing, football, netball, watching inspiring movies, feasts and music, dance and drama.”

• To spearhead sustainable peace and teamwork through talents among community members
• To restore and regain back the culture of peace through dialogue among community members
• To maintain future collaborations with other peace organisations with similar interests in the regard of peace building
• To act as a unified peace building platform among community members


• To encourage development of respect and responsibility among community members
• To inculcate building of trust and inclusion among community members
• To foster cooperation and building acceptance among community members

A goodwill visit to the Nateete Peace Group from Jolanda Van Wijk of The Hague, City of Peace. According Tebandeke, it was a transforming encounter as well as a great sharing of ideas.


Letter of Intent


• Promote peace and unity among community members,to promote high self esteem among community members
• Promote national and international friendship and peace,to address the issue of sexual and reproductive health among members that is STIs, Hiv/Aids, and STDs
• Disseminate positive information through talents among community members,to promote equal access to quality education for both male and female among community members
• Sensitize community members in matters of peace,gender based violence among community members
• Mobilize funds and material items towards the vulnerable
• Live equal welfare such as disabled, orphans, widows, displaced people, child soldiers among community members


Ali Tebandeke is a Ugandan project officer by profession and social worker and youth leader. Ali started school at Greenland Islamic Foundation primary school from primary one to primary seven. Ali went to Ndorwa secondary school in Kabale district for level s1-s4. He was a member of AMREF, MDD as a peer educator, MDD school club then went to Sayidinah Abubakar for his A level

Ali was a prefect for information, secretary student SS school council, member with school interact club and sheikh at the same time, then he went to Ndejje Christian University.




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ABOUT NATEETE, UGANDA (from Wikipedia)

Nateete City Of Rubaga District of Uganda located in Lubaga Divisio, on the southwestern edge of the city of Kampala. It is bordered by Busega to the north, Lungujja to the northeast, Lubaga to the northeast, Ndeeba to the southeast, Mutundwe to the south and Buloba to the west. The road distance between Kampala’s central business district and Nateete is approximately 8 kilometres

Nateete lies on the main highway (A-109), between Kampala and Masaka. There is a major intersection in Nateete, where the highway to Mityana, Mubende, Fort Portal and on to the Democratic Republic of the Congo splits off the highway to Masaka, Mbarara, Kabale and on to Kigali in Rwanda. At the same location, the Kampala Northern Bypass, a double carriageway highway bypassing downtown Kampala, re-joins the highways to the Rwanda and the Congo, having split off the Kampala-Jinja Highway at Namboole, in Kira.

Today, Nateete is a busy, growing metropolitan area with businesses, small industries, retail shops and a thriving farmers market. Many of Uganda’s banking institutions maintain branches in the area due to the booming business in commercial and retail banking in the neighborhood. Uchumi, a leading supermarket chain in East Africa, maintains a branch in the neighborhood.

Nateete boasts of the following points of interest:
• A branch of Equity Bank
• A branch of Opportunity Uganda Limited, a Tier II Financial Institution
• A branch of Pride Microfinance Limited, a Tier III Financial Institution
• A branch of Uchumi Supermarkets
• Nateete Farmers Market
• Nateete Police Station

The Kampala Northern Bypass Highway joins the Kampala-Masaka Highway and the Kampala-Mubende Highway in Busega, the neighborhood to the immediate west of Nateete.



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