Ntungamo, Western Region, Uganda: International City of Peace

We welcome Kehoda Rose and her colleagues who have established Ntungamo in the Western Region of Uganda as an International City of Peace. Kehoda is developing the CIGGA Project, which is an industrial solution to peacemaking focused on the new technologies, especially in supply chain and logistics.

Note: Introduction page with information primarily at the time of joining International Cities of Peace. For updates, please contact the liaison.

CIGGA Project is set for adapting industrious practitioners to the inductive times for thinking outside the box and embracing new technologies, innovations and ideas which are basically of procurement/supply-chain characteristics and engaging more with professionals/practitioners who need to be successful in the industrious sector with additional skills which include:
• Financial planning & procurement cost analysis
• Forecasting and optimization of workflow
• Knowledge of international business practices
• Knowledge of laws and regulations
• Knowledge of logistics functions through technology in the supply chain


Ntungamu, Uganda City of Peace Academy (NUCOPA) is an Industrious Initiative embracing Peace Culture and Legacy to engage communities in vitalizing Growth Eco-Prosperity Orientations (GIPO) a Scheme with a Tool whose aim is to contribute to the development of transformative concepts/plans, rethinking generating ideas, industrious economic technical skills, prosperity knowledge and to motivate them to advocate for interventions typically demonstrating multimodal approaches. Our Vision is to fulfill the potential of mobilizing knowledge and skills for roles helping industrious practitioners to accomplish with innovation orientation education and procreativity training.

GIPO Curriculum Sessions Content
1. Identifying and Discovering Competencies, Strengths and Passion through
Golden Approach to Learn Recourse and Systems Development.
2. Develop a Multimodal for Community to Community Peace and Eco-Prosperity
Structures inhibiting pro-creativity and innovation knowledge.
3. Analyze with a Checklist all Duty Based Community Peacemakers and do
Knowledge Research and Visioneers
4. Business Start-Ups Ideation/Skilling for Bringing Ideas to Life with Good
Leadership and Marketing Skills.
5. Build a Legacy of Peace with Campaigns Enhancing Prosperity, the Quality
of Life and inspiring generations for practical peace building.
6. Building Decent Leadership Conversations Dedicative to Expanding Local
Peace Economy and Occupational Health.
7. Multimodal Examinant Model for Popularizing Ideas and Industrious Concepts
8. Learn How to Design and Produce Promotional Tools / Products and Magazines
9. Making a Long Term Plan with Manageable Means and Centered Strategies

Benefits of the GIPO
• After Acquiring Knowledge all Peacemakers will have a “Transformative Plan”

Guided by the Golden Rule Principles.
• We Appreciate to Make a Peacemaker an Empowered and Knowledgeable Citizenry.
• Each Peacemaker and Peace Legacy Educator Who Attends 85% of the GIPO Sessions Will receive a Golden Rule Certificate.
• Any Peace Culture Frontiersman Who D


LETTER OF INTENT (with signatures)


Kehoda Rose has 4 years’ experience in a procurement system that reduces industrious annual spending. A highly organized specialist with positive mindset and hard-working, graduated from Makerere University.

“I am a very adaptive professional with financial knowledge on average helping practitioners SAVE 10 – 20% of their annual procurement spend. I’m experienced in basic industrial inductive practical experience in specialist logistics and industrial solutions. Currently, are a leading logistics provider in delivering industrial solutions in a proficient Knowledge Rethink Bureau Uganda (KRBU) and Makerere University Private Sector Forum (MUPSF). Our specialized team is available, to customize sustainable solutions, view and visibility events discovering logistical solutions.”

• Certificate of Procurement and Logistics Co-ordination
• CIGGA Certification with the Directorate of Industrial Training
• Demonstrating industrious concepts through purposeful innovate products and materials
• Impactful knowledge research and research results use skills
• Industrial concepts acquisition as appropriate to basic industries
• Technical management of the knowledge publications
• Knowledge sharing and relationship skills.
• Knowledge publications Industrial appraisal operatives
• The Centered Procurement Management (CPM) Hub in place
• Memorandum of Understanding for the HUB Operations.




To contact or support this initiative:

Kehoda Rose

Centered Industrious Gate2Growth Academy
Mob: +0787619587    / WhatsApp +0753594665
Email: cigga240@gmail.com


Ntungamo is a town in the Western Region of Uganda. It is the largest town in Ntungamo District and the site of the district headquarters.

The Western region is one of four regions in the country of Uganda. As of Uganda’s 2014 census, the region’s population was 8,874,862. The town has nearly 400,000.

Ntungamo is a growing town, located on the Mbarara-Kabale highway. A tarmacked road branches off at Ntungamo to lead to Rukungiri. The town, as of November 2013, was grappling with rapid growth, sanitation, and water supply issues.

The 2002 national census put the population of the town at 13,320. In 2010, the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) estimated the population at 16,100. In 2011, UBOS estimated the mid-year population at 16,400. In 2014, the national population census conducted in August that year put the population at 18,854.

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