Quetta, Pakistan: City of Peace


Welcome to the citizens and members of the peacebuilding community in Quetta, Pakistan: City of Peace.

The Youth Association for Development (YAD) is a youth lead, peace building civil society initiative based in Baluchistan and whose roots lies with a core of volunteers in different districts of Pakistan. YAD is human rights based approach with a multi sector development organization working on participatory development approach to bring long term change & sustainable development in the society.

Note: Introduction page with information primarily at the time of joining International Cities of Peace. For updates, please contact the liaison.

The idea of a civil society organization evolved in 2002, when a group of like minded people working in the social, political, human rights and development sector in Baluchistan and having enough international exposure and experience, got together and initiated the dialogue among themselves on issues of humanism, peace, democracy, human rights, right to information, transparency, accountability, environment, water, sanitation, hygiene, health, education & other social issues in the province and country; The group concluded the need for an organization which can address the above mentioned issues through a holistic approach; promote the value of peace and basic human rights; address democratic and governance issues; conduct research and analysis; initiate dialogues among different segments of society; take steps toward a peaceful, tolerant, and democratic society, conservation of environment & natural resources management, sanitation improvement & hygiene education, working for IWRM and provide an enabling environment to civil society of Baluchistan.

Legal status
The Youth Association for Development (YAD) is registered under the societies Act 1860 with the Directorate societies, industries & production Department Baluchistan under registration No. 1021, Dated, 10-06-2005



YAD envisions a Peaceful, Equitable, tolerant, just and Democratic World & to bring socio-economic development in the rural and urban communities.


To promote and protect peace, social & interfaith harmony, democracy, human rights and social development in Pakistan through, mobilization, awareness, research, dialogues, advocacy and trainings.



·      To promote and protect basic human rights particularly of women and minorities;

·      To contribute to the creation of a tolerant society through the promotion of the value of peace and human rights;

·      To promote interfaith harmony & social harmony.

·      To promote democracy & good governance in the society

·      To mobilize the stakeholders for social development.

·      To encourage and support democratic norms, values, and institutions in the society;

·      To incorporate gender sensitization in all program activities and to make gender a cross cutting theme.

·      To protect environment, water conservation & natural resources management.

·      To promote health, hygiene & sanitation improvement

·       To increase literacy trough quality education , research & public private partnership development

Letter of Intent



·      Youth Activism
·      Peace and Human rights.
·      Access to Quality Education
·      Democracy and Governance
·      Interfaith & social harmony
·      Gender & social justice
·      Right to information
·      Transparency and social accountability
·      Social Sector Services

Inauguration of the Kids for Peace School in Quetta, Pakistan.


Our guiding values/ principles are:

  • Democracy

We work for democracy and we are democratic within the organization as well

  • Accountability

We are accountable to our partners and communities we are working with.

  • Transparency

We are committed to maintain transparency in all our programs/ activities

  • Participatory

We are participatory and encourage active participation of all stakeholders in our programs/ activities

  • Cooperation

We are committed to collaborate with those who are dedicated to the advancement of peace, democracy and human right.


·      Social Mobilization
·      Advocacy and Research
·      Awareness raising
·      Networking and lobbying
·      Enhancing social accountability.
·      Environment


“I Atta ul Haq from Pakistan born 1980. I am double master one in International Relation and other one in political science, Completed Development Planning and Management (DPM) course from SPO and Resource Development Program (RDP) course from SAP-PK, Participated in 38 trainings and delivered 25 training. I visited Kenya, Senegal, Dubai, Egypt and Sari lanka. I became core group coordinator of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) on 1999. I start my social, professional and volunteer journey for the promotion of peace, conflict resolution, non-violence, love, forgiveness and promotion of human rights in grass root, remote and alarming areas of Pakistan.

“I join Rural Educational Development and Welfare Organization on 2000 I worked for the marginalized segments of the society after that myself with other likeminded colleagues found an organization on 23 March 2002 Youth Association for Development (YAD) later on I have been appointed founder Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of YAD, my role in YAD to lead and manage the organization, designing and implementation the youth activism, peace building, conflict resolution, nonviolence, promotion of human rights, program implementing, monitoring, supervision, linkages and coordination development.

Under leadership of Atta ul Haq YAD worked with 18 donor agencies including USAID, CIDA, Peace Direct, MRGI and World Bank. I am pioneer and ruining YAD Peace program to bring peace building, conflict resolution, and tolerance, political, social & inter sectarian harmony in Baluchistan through involvement of all segments of the society particularly youths, minorities, women, social activists & media people through formation of mediators’ group. I joined a British Council most successful country wide initiative, InterAction Pakistan/Active Citizen Programme, for young people on 2006.

“I have been selected as one of the facilitators of a group of 11 facilitators countrywide. This group of facilitators was selected after a lengthy training process and a hard competition amongst 43 participants from all over Pakistan received over 1000 Expressions of Interest after extensive shortlisting exercise 43 applicants were selected for final training sessions while i trained as facilitator through a cycle program than i deliver the active citizen program country wide and trained youth of youth parliament Pakistan. I selected in another Peace direct (London) Pakistan initiative program named Islamabad peace Exchange Journey in 2012. After Islamabad Peace Exchange Program Mr. Haq being CEO design and implemented Baluchistan peace Exchange Journey program in Baluchistan through collaboration of Peace Direct.

“I am working for peace building, conflict resolution, nonviolence, tolerance, interfaith harmony and human rights through collaboration of International and national network including Master peace, Peace one day, PRAGOMRA, culture of peace, kids for peace, IPYG, WUPY, GCCT, Global Alliance on Armed Violence, global peace and universal peace federation etc. I am member of 55 national and international networks/consortiums. Currently I am leading Master Peace Club Islamabad promotion of peace through arts, culture, concerts, recreations, love and forgiveness with youth and other stakeholder. I am also leading Kids for Peace Quetta Chapter an initiative of Kids for Peace Global (USA). I am leading International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) (South Korea) program end war bring world peace project in Quetta. I am trained adviser of Peace Jam (USA) leaders and ambassador program. I established eight PeaceJam Ambassadors and Leaders groups in Quetta, Loralai, Ziarat, and Pishin serving over 120 young people in the Baluchistan Province. My Plans are in place to expand the program to four additional regions in the province to involve and enrolled more schools, students, parents & community. Focal person Baluchistan Pak India Aghaz-e-Dosti Initiative, Bharartian harmony tree, Bangladash Bharat Pakistan Peoples Forum, Pakistan India Peoples Forum for Peace and Amnesty International”




For more information, contact the leaders through email or website:

Atta ul Haq Khaderzai
Chief Executive Officer,
Youth Association for Development (YAD).
H#297-C, Samungly Housing Scheme, Samungly Road, Quetta
Cell: +92302-3822144, + 92334-2464598
Phone: +92 812 832031
Skype: attaulhaq2000
Email: yadlri@yahoo.com, attaulhaq2000@yahoo.com
Website: www.yad-pk.org
Facebook: yadloralai@gmail.com



Quetta (Urdu: کوئٹہ‎, Pashto: کوېټه‎, Balochi: کویته About this sound pronunciation (help·info)) is the provincial capital and largest city of Balochistan province, Pakistan. Quetta is also known as the Fruit Garden of Pakistan, due to the numerous fruit orchards in and around it, and the large variety of fruits and dry fruits produced there. The immediate area has long been one of pastures and mountains with varied plants and animals relative to the dry plains to the west.

Quetta is at an average elevation of 1,680 meters (5,510 feet) above sea level, making it Pakistan’s only high-altitude major city. The population of the city is estimated to be approximately one million. 

In northern Balochistan near the borders of Afghanistan and Iran, Quetta is a trade and communication centre between the three countries. The city lies on the Bolan Pass route which was once the only gateway from Central Asia to South Asia. Quetta played an important role militarily for the Pakistani Armed Forces in the intermittent Afghanistan conflict.


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