The Sedona Peace Team publishes an elegant and profound magazine called “Imagine” with stories and graphics that express the professionalism and commitment of the entire Team.

Sedona, Arizona, U.S.A.: City of Peace


Sedona International City of Peace, begun in 2011, is expanding and flourishing. Core members of the Sedona Peace Team are: Margaret Joy Weaver, Tim Maloney, Jane Perini, Wib Middleton, Michael Iskowitz. Paula Donnelly Roark, and Andrea Smith . The Sedona International Cities of Peace organization, active throughout the greater Sedona, Arizona, U.S.A, invites all to participate.

Note: Introduction page with information primarily at the time of joining International Cities of Peace. For updates, please contact the liaison.

Sedona City of Peace Mission

Our community flourishes, by consciously nurturing and contributing to ways for individuals, families, organizations, communities and nations to thrive through fostering a culture of peace!

Sedona City of Peace Vision

We believe a culture of peace is one that respects our shared humanity. It ignites a social spark to form new and inspired traditions and ideas that uphold the highest values of the human heart.
So we imagine Sedona – a city where people listen to each other, respect and honor our differences in backgrounds, opinions and expressions, and choose to come together to create dialogues, activities, opportunities and new institutions that together create a strong foundation for the establishment of an inclusive, sustainable and enduring culture of peace. These actions enable our community to flourish physically, economically, socially, spiritually, and joyfully! We contribute to the realization of a dynamic culture of peace to the world!


First Annual Peace One Day in 2012: Red Rock High School students and faculty create a peace symbol on the football field. Aerial photography made possible by Return to Honor, Arizona Helicopter Adventures

Letter of Intent

Sedona City of Peace Goals

• Acknowledge Sedona’s already existing history, heritage and practice of peace, and create and build a powerful dialogue for what it will take for Greater Sedona to foster a culture of peace
• Invite active participation from community groups to re-orient community institutions to better reflect and strengthen the values of fairness, tolerance and equality necessary for the establishment of a thriving culture of peace
• Catalyze thought and action to create new institutions which develop on a day-to-day basis steadfast inclusion and loving respect, thereby further fostering the expansion of peace
• Develop and promote an annual calendar of peace-oriented programs and events, as well as a Peace Walk to places of peace in Sedona
• Develop awards for individuals, groups and organizations fostering a culture of peace
• Design culture of peace initiatives which brings together diverse groups of local, national and global leaders and peacemakers in Sedona to collaborate, innovate and find common ground.

Peace be with you always and in ALL ways!


From left to right Jane Perini, Paula Donnelly Roark, Wib Middleton, Tim Maloney, Andrea Smith, Michael Iskowitz and Margaret Joy Weaver

About the Founding Partners:

Fostering a culture of peace has been a goal of Judy Maloney, founding partner, from childhood as she dealt with multiple parent divorces, suicide and a blended family; gracefully breaking the ‘glass ceiling’ as a woman executive in promotional marketing, bringing Montessori education to orphans in post-communist Romania, and assisting in building the Sedona International Film Festival to empower filmmakers voices being heard. As a transformational educator she has designed and delivered programs to tens of thousands of people that empower teams to fulfill uniquely positive local and global initiatives through powerful communication. She is married to Tim Maloney, founding partner, a Vietnam Veteran and quintessential entrepreneur. He has dedicated his life to creating nurturing and peaceful environments for our family, friends and community.

Michael Iskowitz, founding partner, is a clinical psychologist, attorney, and an architect of major social change. He has worked for decades with national and international leaders, the United Nations, and non-profit organizations envisioning and strategically shaping policies and initiatives that have made the world a better, fairer and more peaceful place for the most vulnerable among us. He has built common ground across party lines and often divergent constituencies to create change in the areas of children, poverty, AIDS, global health, and human rights.

Married partners Jane Perini and Wib Middleton, founding partners, own a design/communications firm in Sedona, Arizona. Their compassionate outreach work includes helping to found a large Tibetan Buddhist center outside Washington, DC, a 65-acre Peace Park and a compassion and peace-based K-4 school which their two daughters attended. This center is also home to a 24-hour prayer vigil for peace, unbroken for more than 27 years. After moving to Sedona in 1999 they helped to build the Amitabha Stupa (a sacred peace monument) and Peace Park visited by hundreds weekly.
Paula Donnelly Roark is a sociologist, educator and researcher. She brings to the Peace Committee her long term experience as a participation practitioner and social analyst working with poverty and conflict issues on the African Continent. Skilled in sustainable social change, peaceful social movements, and effective citizen engagement, participating in the City of Peace Committee offers a new mode of expression for these same issues.

Andrea Smith is an educator, artist and philosopher. She has dedicated her career and life to peace within as a way to have peace on earth. Through a creative painting workshop called “Square One” participants learn to be in the moment and experience no thinking. Andrea and her husband Gary own the Andrea Smith Gallery, which focuses on art and sculpture that reflect the message that peace on earth begins within each of us.


ABOUT SEDONA, ARIZONA (from Wikipedia)

Sedona, Arizona is known the world over for its spectacular red rock formations, its vibrant arts and business community, its healthy lifestyle and as a destination for spiritual nourishment.
Travelers to this magical place are also struck by the diversity of its inhabitants, from former CEOs and entrepreneurs, to hospitality professionals, multi-talented but often poorly paid hourly and part-time workers, authors, musicians, healing professionals and filmmakers. Incorporated in 1988, Sedona is a young city. Most people who live in Sedona came here by choice–to live surrounded by breathtaking natural wilderness, for abundant hiking and biking on hundreds of miles of trails, and for its exceptional arts, culture and dining scene. A strong philanthropic spirit exists here as well, remarkable for its size, and a highly talented citizenry engage in compassionate causes both local and global.

There is also a profound legacy of peace in Sedona. Historically the area was holy and sacred to its first peoples. Many native Indian tribes lived just beyond the Sedona area, choosing only to do ceremony amidst the magnificent ring of crimson mountains. It still is considered a place of peace and harmony.
As A City of Peace, modern day Sedonans are now challenged with deepening that legacy of peace–both inner and outer–to make it relevant, purposeful and beneficial for all who live and work here, and for the millions who visit every year.
We are humbled and grateful to join the International Cities of Peace family and to share our experiences, visions and intentions to live the values and principles of peace and to continuously foster a culture of peace in Sedona, Arizona.


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