Vernadillo, Colombia: International City of Peace

We welcome Sandra Meliena Conde and the citizens of Vernadillo, Colombia as an International City of Peace. Sandra is  a dedicated peace worker who has created an organization that helps Colombian youth and elders in great need. The Vernadillo is in Tolima, one of the 32 departments of Colombia and located in the central Andean region of the country.

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We are a non-profit foundation. We have an interdisciplinary group of professionals aligned with social management. With the objective of improving the quality of life of Colombians, through development programs related to the population groups most in need, with sustainable development programs, social undertakings in the cultural, recreational, sports, rural, education, environment and citizenship and human rights, in order to provide solutions to the problems caused by the unsatisfied basic needs of Colombian families.

We are a Social Foundation organized to help improve the lives of the Tolimenses and Colombians through development programs, in order to mitigate the problems caused by the unmet basic needs of the families from Venadilluna, Tolimenses and Colombia.

FUNDACION SOMOS MAS we will be a foundation positioned in the Tolima region to improve the quality of life of vulnerable families, seeking solutions through programs that adjust to the territorial reality.

Founding date: September 2, 1560
Name of the founder (s): Bartolomé de Frías y Carvajal

Historical review
Venadillo in its History basically has three Foundations, from 1560 to 1863, when Legal Life is given as Municipality. The farmhouse was established on September 2, 1560, when it received its First Foundation Title by Bartolomé de Frías y Carvajal in the Lands of the Citirques, Guambaimas and Colombaimas Tribes of the Panche Linguistic Family and the Chocarí Tribe of the Pijaos Family.

On November 29, 1596, the Second Foundation was carried out by Juan García de Herrera, who was the first mayor, Diego Antonez de Valenzuela, knight of the order of Santiago, Martín Yáñez Tafur (encomendero) and Captain Francisco de Prado. The village tends to disappear due to the misuse of the encomienda and the shelter by the encomendero.

The Third Foundation took place in the year 1710 by Manuel Antonio Maldonado Martínez, who was associated with Manuel de los Santos Torrijos, Anastasio Zúñiga, Ángel María Cifuentes, Victoriano Avellaneda, Manuel J. Recaman, Juan Antonio Reyes and Pablo Argüelles, leaving completed on December 4, 1713 in which Fray Diego Maldonado offered the first mass.

The 21 of February of 1863 was erected like municipality by means of law and it was inaugurated as such the 1 of January of 1864 and since then it has come slowly emerging.


Letter of Intent



SANDRA MILENA CONDE is the legal representative of FUNDACION SOMOS MAS. A professional woman dedicated to social causes, Sandra believes in this initiative in her territory as she walks and knows the needs of rural and urban women.

Sandra has decided to take this path from the academic point of view since today she is the director of a university that is in her municipality Venadillo because she is convinced that we must educate ourselves to transform.




To contact or support this initiative:

Mobile phone: +57 3123822825
Venadillo Tolima



Venadillo is a town and municipality in the Tolima department of Colombia. The population of the municipality was 15,128 as of the 1993 census.

Tolima (Spanish pronunciation: [toˈlima]) is one of the 32 departments of Colombia, located in the Andean region, in the center-west of the country. It is bordered on the north and the west by the department of Caldas; on the east by the department of Cundinamarca; on the south by the department of Huila, and on the west by the departments of Cauca, Valle del Cauca, Quindío and Risaralda. Tolima has a surface area of 23,562 km², and its capital is Ibagué. The department of Tolima was created in 1861 from a part of what was previously Cundinamarca.

The Tolima department includes three distinct regions: a mountainous region, occupied by the Cordillera Central; a plain, that corresponds to the valleys of the rivers Magdalena and Saldaña; and the region to the southeast which forms the western slope of the Cordillera Oriental, which contains the source of the Cabrera river.

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