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Kolwezi, Lualaba District, D.R. Congo

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1er Sanctuaire d’Afrique pour la Paix

One to Two Sentence Program Vision

This project was born through the Organization called « the World Peace Foudation DRCONGO » after experiencing wars and violence, injustices in the Democratic Republic of Congo. That is why we saw fit to create this will bring together all religions, teibes, races and genders. The definition of prayer through holy activities for Peace is an essential component of a basic prayer for quality peace. There is the process of promoting the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values necessary to create behavioral changes, which will allow citizens (children and adults) to prevent conflict and violence through a School of Peace to this Sanctary, both manifest and structural, to resolve diversity or differences of opinion and religion in a peaceful manner and to create conditions conducive to Peace, whether at the interpersonal, intergroup, national or international level.

Descriptions of Challenges

In the Democratic Republic of Congo Peace is an immediate need, since 1960 the republic has never know total peace and as you know on the Map, the DRC is the heart of Africa and as science tells us « if the heart is sick it is the whole body that suffers » this is why our Organization which is the World Peace Foudation initiated this project of Sanctuary for Peace, it is a holy environnement where prayer activities for Universal Peace must take place in every period of activity of Peace, love and unity without forgetting the universal message “May Peace Prevail on Earth“ and also as a tourist environment for all the peacemakers of the whole World and anyone who will need peace without distinction of race, gender or tribe.

Longer Project Description

This environnement must unite different religions, it will be surrounded by different flags of different countries of the World, accompanied by Mats of Peace. We will build a museum where to find all the tools that are used in the World for Peace and with the portraits (picture paintings) of all the peacemakers of all time : exemple, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, Dallai Lama, Masahisa Goi, Fred Arment, Carlos Palma, Gabriella Simond, Dr H.C John Mukhuta Muhiana, … a beautiful landscape around our Sanctuary to work also in the protection of Nature.

First Project Steps

The project is presented as follows : USD 45,000.00 for the implementation (take the plan made by the engineer and put it on the ground) including 10% of the implementation amount for the engineer ; USD 8,775.00 for 195 Peace Mats, USD 4,875.00 for 195 Poles, USD 1,950.00 for 195 flags of Nations ; USD 30,000.00 for the construction of the Sanctuary Museum; USD 30.000.00 for the construction of a temple to welcome the Sanctuary, USD 7,000.00 for a Peace bell ; USD 67,400.00 for other Organizations (or news) in landscape construction (trees, lawn, and other environnemental related).

Who the Project Impacts

Starting with the people of Kolwezi in particular, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa and the whole World as we say “peace has no color, peace is everyone’s business.”

Follow-up Phase II Steps

Peace awareness, from education to Peace, data points on peace problems especially for Congolese citizens, from nature protection, from prayer to universal Peace. If we can say it, in the Democratic Republic of Congo peace is difficult to live with moments of political crises, economic crises, it is for this reason we thought to work for stability to peace through this project, of any scale, with all the means on both sides with the support of the government and that of our partners for peace, to achieve our objectives without any failure because the lasting and total peace for our nation, for Africa and for the whole World, this is a necessity.

How We Measure Success

The difference between what is now and what will be after it is that currently after multiple agressions and moments of wars over the last decades, the Congolese people really need peace. So to the culture of peace through our Sanctuary of Universal prayers for non-violence, love and unity the participation rate will be higher as everyone will be involved to live in peace in their environment. And it will help the whole of humanity to feed on this energy of peace and to live together.

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Final Comment
We agree to respect the rules of the donaters and International Cities of Peace to control our size team of financial utilisation of the funds. Our Organization the World Peace Foundation we are ready to work hard to promote a culture of Peace and to help our community to live in peace. Thank you.



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