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Tayebwa Philips
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Title of Project

Fight violence,trauma and addiction

One to Two Sentence Program Vision

_Ensuring refugees restore hope to gain peace.
-Creating stronger better thoughts for life.

Descriptions of Challenges

  • -segregation
  • -conflicts
  • _violence
  • _addiction to alcohol,and tobacco
  • _trauma and poor standard of living.

Longer Project Description

  • _Have the people embracing love, forgiveness and contentment .
  • _Fight violence among people.
  • _Train about addiction and it’s possible challenges.
  • _Establish individual to group relationships.

First Project Steps

Train Adolescents,men and young adults about the role of thought and gain beautiful living.

Who the Project Impacts

_It will impact men, women , adolescents and young adults.

Follow-up Phase II Steps

  • -writing grants for funding.
  • _collaborate with Healing Health Healing Hearts organization to implement the activities.
  • _ Surveying every after 6 months and chart the data.

How We Measure Success

  • _ We shall increase awareness in the community.
  • _we shall monitor the reduction level of addicts in nakivale.
  • -we shall do semi annual data survey in homes.

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Description of Photos

_It shows the men and women in Nakivale.
_Shows how people live in temporary hopeless houses.
_Shows how children and young adults starve in camp.
Final Comment
It is my great pleasure to serve and create peaceful world.


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