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Full Name of Contact
Norbert Byambo kagosi
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Title of Project

Food security and plastic Bank

One to Two Sentence Program Vision

This program will carry out to help people due to decreased of the monthly ration and create jobs , farms to women and vulnerable children in the nakivale camp.

Descriptions of Challenges

People are getting 13,000 uganda shillings per month and it’s not enough to finish the all month with .
Jobs are not there .
Food nutrition has become a problem.
Children are falling sick due to lack of food .
Impregnate women are not cared at all during the pregnancy (food) .
Soil is not fertile due to plastics everywhere.

Longer Project Description

Plastic Bank .
Die to the increase of refugees , plastics are thrown everywhere and they spoil our environment.we want to create a business which can help refugees to bring all the plastics around them .

First Project Steps

Food security will bring good results to Refugees by donating them a free training of permaculture, after we shall give each and everyone a farm and materials to start generate foods in the house holds .

Who the Project Impacts

The project will impact our community. Refugees and host communities.

Follow-up Phase II Steps

Plastic Bank , is a good way to fight against climate change . The plastics will help us to make many things like , bottle house , bricks , dust bin etc

How We Measure Success

We measure success after seeing how we have impacted our community by doing what we say to make in action…

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Description of Photos
All photos are community work , some of our visitors from Denmark seniors without borders and others having a Christmas party with our kids and community … Other pictures for promoting peace in nakivale camp.
Final Comment
Thanks for giving us this opportunity to fill our action and thanks for the impact international city of peace has made in over the decades.. we have been able to transform and train people through ICP… And it has networked us with other people around the world… My special thanks goes to all members of ICP, liaisons, peace builders and others… Without forgetting Our chairman, Fred Arment. Thanks a lot.


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