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Dayton, Ohio, United States

Full Name of Contact
J. Frederick Arment
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Title of Project

Creation of an ICP Portfolio of Action Plans

One to Two Sentence Program Vision

With access to the ICP Portfolio of Action Plans, donors, grant organizations and other sources of funds can see a wide array of ICP on-th-ground, shovel-ready projects for consideration.

Descriptions of Challenges

• Not enough peace funding around the world
• Peace leaders must be more organized and clear
• Liaisons must focus on one project for success

Longer Project Description

The ICP Corporate
Sustainability Program
The ICP Marketplace of Safety,
Prosperity, and Quality of Life
Multiple Strategies, One Program
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
U.N. Global Compact Reporting (CoP)
Sustainable Growth Strategy (SGS) U.N.
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Global Governance & Environment Standards

First Project Steps

1. Have a community conversation and agreement on the project
2. Write the Executive Summary
3. Take photos relevant to your project
4. Fill out the application and submit for approval
5. Wait patiently for someone from a funding organization to contact you directly

Who the Project Impacts

All Liaisons
All members of your Peace Team
All member of your Community
The world at large

Follow-up Phase II Steps

Set up an efficient and effective CSR Council to approach potential corporations and organzations.

How We Measure Success

By providing the resources so that Liaisons can do the work of finding funding — while concentrating on their volunteer work that will interest donors and give them confidence in your ability to deply.

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