Each year, children and parents attend the World Without Violence, an event at the Performing Arts Theater at Mesa Community College. The finalist and winners of the Peace Poster Poetry Contest were acknowledged on the stage and showed their artwork and writings.

Rooms that Honor; Rooms that Share

Dedicated to the peacemaking work of ICP supporter Dr. Ruth Tan Lim and her colleagues in Mesa, Arizona: City of Peace 

Peacemaking beyond the Mesa community to the State of Arizona. Essential to the momentum of the City of Peace movement are those whose support keeps aloft the wings of peace in our journey toward practical, sustainable Global Peace. Dr. Ruth Tan Lim is a major supporter of International Cities of Peace. Dr. Lim is a resident and one of the Liaisons for Mesa, Arizona: International City of Peace.


Ruth Lim MD, is a pediatrician, veteran of Desert Storm, rotarian and a community advocate for peace and non-violence. “After returning from operation desert storm,” she notes, “I decided to champion peace and non-violence, which is also one of the avenues of Rotary.” Dr. Lim set up the Childrens’ Benefit Foundation to help children. One of her goals is to accomplish “a medical program for the working poor.”
Dr. Ruth Tan Lim addressing the gathering on the one-year anniversary in 2023
of Mesa establishing as an International City of Peace.
Since 1998, Dr. Lim and the peace team in Mesa have organized “The Week Without Violence”, a community advocacy event empowering children, families and all to promote peace and nonviolence for a safe community to live. The vision is to continue elevating, SAFETY, PROSPERITY and QUALITY of LIFE for ALL.
Each year, the Mesa City of Peace leaders invite all children to have a voice and express with the Peace Poster Poetry contest. This is what Dr. Lim and her colleagues in Mesa, Arizona: International City of Peace would like to share in addition to their web page for the Mesa community:

We focus on three things in Mesa:

  1. We empower children and families to be advocates for peace and non-violence. Our Annual Week Without Violence showcases the community’s advocacy with posters and poetry in different school districts
  2. We have community and business champions that support with Proclamations and Letters of support, including the Governor, the Mayor’s office, Rotary Club, community colleges, and nonprofits like Chicano Por La Causa working on community development.
  3. We placed peace poles in community schools, churches, and colleges.
In August 2022, Mesa was established as an International City of Peace.
Peacebuilding activities continue in Mesa during 2023!
On this one year anniversary, one of the Goals of Mesa: City of Peace is to elevate higher levels of Safety, Prosperity and Quality of Life for the Community. On Sept. 21, 2023. A Peace Pole blessing was held on the campus of Mesa Community College. Dr. Ruth Lim organized this along with her colleagues from her Rotary Club, City of Mesa officials and officials from the college, including the president, Dr. Tammy Robinson.

A beautiful celebration of Mesa’s one year anniversary as the 362nd International City of Peace  was held with a peace pole dedication on Sept 21. The event was held on International day of peace at the Rose Garden, Mesa Community College. “It was  well attended,” commented Dr. Lim, “and had students, faculty and community leaders say ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth’ in English, Spanish ,Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic, Vietnamese, German, Greek, French and Nigerian . “We all faced the East, the North, the West and the South. The weather was great. The re-dedication of the peace pole was meaningful for all of us.”

In October, the Mesa group acknowledged participants and winners of the Peace Poetry Contest. There was a total of 515 entries from ages 5 years to over 18 year old.

The Peace Poster and Poetry Contest Award Ceremony is the culminating event of a Week Without Violence. It is sponsored by the Children’s Benefit Foundation, which was founded by Dr. Ruth. The photo shows both of the Mesa: International Cities of Peace Liaisons, Dr. Ruth Lim and Paula Osterday, at one of the displays at the event.


A Hosting Committee in Mesa puts on an event entitled ”Books Off the Shelf”, which is fashioned after the Human Library and will take place at the Mesa Community College, Red Mountain Branch in October.


Rooms That Honor, Rooms That Share is a great opportunity to create the infrastructure of peace though the good work of support Please get in touch with the Director today.


NOTE: The views of our major donors are the personal views of the honorees and not, necessarily, the views of International Cities of Peace, the Board or volunteers. We simply honor their generosity and work for peace by providing this Room of Honor. For more information: