Cities of Peace, Inc.

Nonprofit Corporate Governance

“Corporate governance describes the processes, structures, and mechanisms that influence the control and direction of corporations” (Shailor, Corporate Governanace, 2018). Cities of Peace, Inc. and its main program, International Cities of Peace, was founded in 2009 as a not-for-profit corporation and has followed transparency guidelines since its inception. International Cities of Peace is an all-volunteer organization. No Board member of Facilitator has received a salary or benefits from participation in the association.

Innovations for Corporate Governance include:

  • Private contact Ombuds Office
  • Online Dispute Resolution
  • Volunteer Agreement and Manual
  • Volunteer Handbook and Orientation
  • Published Board-approved Strategic Plan
  • Identity Guidelines
  • Code of Conduct
  • Published Financials
  • Yearly Board of Directors meetings
  • Monthly Facilitator/Board meetings
  • A Board-track staffing path
  • Sanctions Compliance Policy
  • Human Rights Policy
  • Anti-harassment Policy and Complaint Procedure

The association of international Cities of Peace provides resources for over 400 self-designated member Cities of Peace. Each member community has an independent, non-employee Liaison for two-way communication between the locality and the global association. Public notices separate local activities and opinions of member Cities of Peace from ICP Central, which is the small functioning body of Facilitators and Board Members that take responsibility for daily operations and the strategy of the nonprofit.

Though a volunteer organization with volunteers working part time, there has been no formal complaint filed with the Ombuds office. Tax reporting and corporate filings have been submitted in a timely manner. The Founder and Lead Facilitator has made a commitment to continually increase Board participation in decision-making and provide a path for increasing daily interaction and teamwork governance by Board members.

To request a specific policy or publication, please send an email to: