The ICP Peacemaker Superhighway is a set of programs, tools, and resources for City of Peace leaders around the globe. Why a “Superhighway”? Because we need to get there faster! Where is “there”? A planet with communities dedicated to a culture of peace — safety, prosperity, and quality of life for all. Global peace.
The ICP Superhighway is a web-based service and all programs are available online:

With an increasing array of beneficial resources, training, and programs, the association of International Cities of Peace is committed to “upping the game” of peacemaking to be more effective. First and foremost is the option of officially establishing your community as an official City of Peace based on historical and current peacebuilding.

  1. How to Establish a City of Peace
  2. ICP Tool Box
  3. Skills Development Program
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You can become a valued member of this nonprofit Association of Independent Historical and Intentional Cities of Peace.

As an association of cities of peace, International Cities of Peace fosters, encourages, provides resources and tools, and helps network individual peace communities around the world. We are not a funding organization but can point to funding sources as well as provide a funding program as shown below.

This association of cities of peace provides an easy, practical, collaborative environment for building the worldwide peace community while respecting the individuality of communities. The following are benefits of establishing an International Cities of Peace organization or becoming a associate member.

Twelve benefits to starting an International City of Peace initiative in your community:

1. Information: resources and links to “how to” materials
2. Affirmation: adults and children self-define as valuing peacemaking
3. Connections: alliances with important organizations
4. Legitimacy: a higher profile in the worldwide community
5. Education: access to exhibits and teaching tools
6. Funding Options: links and connections to funders
7. Online Learning: video and hard-copy documents
8. Online Presence: free website page for your community
9. Blog Presence: your initiative featured in the blogosphere
10. Public Relations: free news releases
11. Community: receive and be featured in newsletters
12. Database: access to the ICP database for connections

Cost: Free
Process: Letter of Intent as first step

For more information on the many other fulfilling ways to participate, simply send us an email: