Latest News from Nanjing: City of Peace

The Communication from our City of Peace colleagues in Nanjing, China describes many peace activities in China and beyond.

Photo: A meeting of the Peace Committee in Nanjing where the criteria for Chinese Cities of Peace was discussed. Nanjing: City of Peace is an Alliance partner with International Cities of Peace in order to facilitate the establishment of other Cities throughout China and in Southeast Asia.

Highlights of the Quarterly Communication: Forty young people from around the world held a peace rally in the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Museum on August 15. Scholars from China and other countries gathered in Nanjing for a seminar on the history of Japanese invasion of China and the Nan­jing Massacre. The Nanjing Massacre Memorial Museum recently visited all the registered massacre survivors, launching its second-generation and third-generation memory projects.

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Nanjing International Peace Communication (5th issue)



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