190th and 191st Cities of Peace!

WAR IS OVER, as Lennon prophetically proclaimed. But how? This week, we made a giant leap in our goal of making International Cities of Peace a potential asset for the United Nations as an early warning system of rising conflict. Our 190th and 191st cities of peace in Butembo and Beni, D.R. Congo, have used sophisticated WikiRumors software to catalog and investigate episodes of murder and violence. D.R. Congo saw 15 million killed in the last war and now armed bands are AGAIN rising! Coordinator James Kataliko and colleagues have a website that could be the model for many sophisticated grassroots “early warning” systems that will be provided to the U.N. peacekeepers and NGO aid organizations as part of Cities of Peace’s Special Consultative Status for the U.N.’s ECOSOC NGO Council. Amazing potential!

Kijiji Cha Aman WikiRumors website

Butembo, D.R. Congo: City of Peace

Beni, D.R. Congo: City of Peace


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