Camrose, Jamaica’s New Welcome Sign!

The leader of Camrose, Jamaica: City of Peace says it best. Tamika Williams is “energized by International Cities of Peace. We have been working towards peace, prosperity and a better way and somehow we felt alone. I share and plan to share all we do with our Cities of Peace family because the cycle of life dictates that we mush support  when each is in need.”

Tamika and her husband husband Ras and son Ayale are working with the civil government to create cities of peace throughout their county.

“Celebrate the good times and plan together,” Tamika says. “We are a part of this universal family and we do what happens in any family ,we motivate And strengthen each other. You and this organization have given such hope to our community and is most timely as Jamaica is looking for solutions to tackle the present situation with our youth . I am so happy. I will always share the beauty of our world no matter the obstacles. The dark has it’s purpose. If the obstacles were not so mountainous we would not work so diligently to shine our light. Have a wonderful day and KNOW you touch lives more than you can imagine.”
Sincerely with.Love Tamika

Camrose, Jamaica


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