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Photo above: The second and third generations of the Nanjing Massacre
survivors signed the scroll of the “Memory Project to Inherit the
Historical Truth by the Nanjing Massacre Survivors’


Fourth Communication Newsletter

Nanjing International Peace Communication (4th issue)


Third Communication Newsletter from Nanjing Citizens to International Cities of Peace around the globe.

“2019 Memorial Ceremony at the Qingming Festival
Memory projects were held to inherit the historical truth
During the 2019 Memorial Ceremony at the Qingming
Festival, a memory project went underway in front of the
Wailing Wall on April 5 to inherit the historical truth.
Present at the ceremony were Nanjing Massacre survivors
Xia Shuqin, Ge Daorong, Ruan Dingdong, Pu Yeliang, Shi
Xiuying, Ai Yiying, Liu Minsheng, Ma Tinglu, Ma Tingbao and
their descendants, Zhang Jianjun, director of the Memorial Hall,
deputy director Ling Xi and Shi Pengcheng, and Zhang
Lianhong, president of Nanjing Aid Association for the Victims
of Atrocities by the Japanese Invaders. They were joined by
Matsuoka Tamaki, head of the Japanese pacifist
group Meishinkai, and all members of Japan’s Zijin Grass Choir
headed by Okado Takako.”


Nanjing International Peace Communication (3rd issue)

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