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Due to the efforts of Nanjing University History Professor Liu Cheng — who is the leader of Nanjing: City of Peace; a Board Member of International Cities of Peace; and the only UNESCO Chair of Peace Studies in China — the inaugural issue of the Peace Studies Journal is making history. Last winter, ICP Board Chair J. Frederick Arment was honored to be asked for an article for its premiere issue. The article was written in late winter, 2022, and now it is commemorated in the first Peace Studies Journal. in China. Tremendous, historical progress!

The 8000 word article “Peace is a Verb: A Linguistic Shift in the Usage of Peace” was published in November, 2022 in the Peace Studies Journal in Chinese. It is copyrighted and available only here on this web page in English. For those who make a donation to help support ICP’s needed technology upgrade, we’ll send you this innovative and historical article in English. The technology upgrade is necessary in order to reach 1000 Cities of Peace, including more in Asia, Africa, S. and N. America, Europe and Oceania. It will automate the application process and provide free real-time web pages for all member Cities of Peace around the globe.


“Peace is a Verb: A Linguistic Shift in the Usage of Peace”

First Paragraph Excerpt:

“As humanity evolves to the next era of civilization,
individuals, communities and nations are putting in motion new
strategies to help negotiate the historical opportunities and
potentially overwhelming effects of future change. The
underlying mission of these strategies is to achieve measurable
success in terms of accomplishing the archetypal vision of
global peace. Yet few words in any language invoke more
controversy and confusion than peace. To make progress and
thrive in the future will require a clear understanding of what
we mean by peace through a purposeful reevaluation and
transcendence of the word itself.”


When you donate to the important work of International Cities of Peace, you will receive the Full Article as a PDF in English, as published in Chinese in the Peace Studies Journal. And, importantly, you’ll help what ICP founder J. Frederick Arment has said is “Humanity’s best hope for global peace — community by community.”

Make a contribution and receive a copy of the article “Peace is a Verb: A Linguistic Shift in the Usage of Peace”, an innovative and important work that is now being read by peacemakers throughout China. Thank you!



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