August, 2023
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First Tuesday in August Zooms!
Considering establishing a City of Peace? You are invited too!

English Speaking: August 1st,
11:00 a.m. Eastern “Daylight” Time (EDT or GMT-4 in summer)
Meeting ID: 844 6009 9464
Passcode: 345149

August 8th, 07:00 p. m. Buenos Aires, Georgetown
ID de reunión: 841 3133 1602
Código de acceso: ICPamerica

Come to this month’s Zoom and help build the Global Beloved Community of International Cities of Peace!

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The 11th Annual Feast for Feast, 2023
Yours to use for Community Action and Celebration.

Sharing food together in celebration of friendship and common interest is a tradition as old as the human family. The Global Feast for Peace is part of the U.N. sponsored International Day of Peace, celebrated around the world on September 21st each year. Whether it’s a small family celebration or a large community gathering, the Feast for Peace is a simple and profound expression of peace that everyone, no matter how humble or blessed their circumstances, can connect with and enliven the global celebration. The Feast of Peace!

Who can participate?
• Families, neighborhoods, communities, and cities
• Organizations, including faith-based, interfaith and secular
• Businesses, both for-profit and not-for-profit
• Schools from nursery schools to higher education
• Anyone who wishes to express their wish for peace

What to do?
Join together during International Day of Peace or during Peace Week. The gathering can be a formal lunch or a group potluck where people bring a dish and share. Other events can be planned before, during, and/or after the Global Feast, including bell ringing, speakers, musical events, meditations and prayers, moments of silence and other activities that foster a culture of peace.

View last year’s compilation of the photos sent from Cities around the Globe. Participation has increased, and you can help this year. To be part of the Global celebration, education, and commemoration — Have a small, medium, or large event and send photos to the Chair: arment@internationalcitiesofpeace.org

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When to celebrate and plan?
Each year, there are thousands of celebrations around the world. Planning for the Global Feast should begin weeks or, better, several months ahead in order to involve as many people as possible.

Where to have the Feast?
The place for the Feast can be as small as a family dining room or as large as an amphitheater. One person can even Feast for Peace at home!

Why plan a Global Feast?
To come together as members of the human family; to honor those who have worked and who are working today for a more peaceful world; to encourage the next generation of peacebuilders. The Global Feast for Peace is a thanksgiving of the peace we have and to inspire actions to foster a culture of peace during the coming year.

To Register Your Event:
Send info to:
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In August, the Board Members of the nonprofit association, Cities of Peace, will meet for the 2023 Annual Board Meeting. We’d like to hear from YOU — what are we doing right, wrong, not enough of, too much of, what would you like to see happen. And, importantly, if you want to participate in this most extraordinary peace initiative, please let us know.

Many have let us know by forming a City of Peace initiative or by volunteering, and are working to make the Cities of Peace global movement strong and sustainable. 383 Cities of Peace, over 400 Liaisons (who represent their City of Peace communities) in 72 countries on six inhabited continents. There are tousands on community Peace Teams. Donors and Advisors.

I’d like, in this August Update, to sincerely thank the ICP Central Facilitators who are working to keep our organization thriving and growing.

ICP Central is intended to be small. The focus of International Cities of Peace is on the hundreds of member Cities of Peace around the globe. It’s part of the philosophy of RESPECT. Only if people in their community express their deeply held love of PLACE can peace be won. Only people who live in a community can truly transform their PLACE in the long term.

Yet ICP Central is extremely important. The Facilitators, Board Members, interns, consultants, and Mentors work hard to provide what we call the Peacemaker Superhighway (because we need to get there faster!). That includes our ICP Classroom with training courses, programs such as the City-to-City Collaborative, Peace Day initiatives such as this year’s 11th Annual Global Feast for Peace, as well as resources, links, fundraising ideas, and much, much more.

The ICP Central Team deserves major accolades. They take responsibility for essential parts of International Cities of Peace: database, newsletter, training courses, the Superhighway Tool Box, human resources, communications, fundraising, systems, and outreach. Lots of work. Lots of talent. We still need a few good hearted and experienced individuals to make ICP Central operate to achieve its highest goals. (Are you interested? Contact me.)

As Lead Facilitator and Board Chair, I want to thank each individual who has helped build tremendous potential. If not for you, we would be floundering against the forces of violence. Instead, we are poised to be a true tipping force for global peace. Thank you.

Celebrate. Plan. Listen. Enjoy! Feast for Peace with hundreds of International Cities of Peace around the globe! For more information:
J. Fred Arment
Chair, Lead Facilitator
International Cities of Peace




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Get involved. Peace is possible.

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