We welcome the citizens of Dengfeng in Henan Province, China as they establish their community as an International City of Peace. Located at the foot of the Mount Song, one of the most sacred mountains in China, Dengfeng is a renowned spiritual center of China. It is home to various religious institutions and famous temples such as the Taoist Zhongyue Temple, the Buddhist Shaolin Temple, the Confucian Songyang Academy and the Gaocheng Observatory. Dengfeng is described as the spiritual “center of heaven and earth”, an expression derived from Chinese literature.

Mr. Liu Haiqin, who provides leadership for the Dengfeng Peace City unity initiative, comes from a martial arts family. He has been practicing Shaolin martial arts with his father since childhood, gaining a deep understanding of traditional martial arts techniques. He attaches great importance to the cultural teaching and comprehensive quality education of the group, strengthens students’ cultural knowledge learning, and promotes cultural and martial education to keep pace and complement each other. He serves as a member of the National Martial Arts Eighth Section, representative and executive member of the Dengfeng Municipal People’s Congress, and chairman of Zhengzhou Shaolin Tagou Education Group.

Dengfeng is the fourth International City of Peace in China, the others being Nanjing, Weifang, and Zhijiang. ICP Board Member and UNESCO Chair of Peace Studies in China, Professor Liu Cheng of Nanjing University has provided the mentoring for these Peace Cities in China. WE welcome the citizens of Dengfang, China and its Liaison for two-way communication Mr. Liu Haiqin as our 394th International City of Peace.

Dengfeng, Henan, China


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