Peace Training in Endinzi, Western, Uganda: City of Peace

Banturaki Benard and the team from the Real Agency for Community Development (RACD), an NGO registered in Uganda,, recently established Endinzi Sub-County, Bukanga, Isingiro District, Western Region as an International City of Peace. Today, the group is involved in community-wide training programs. Through the ICP Classroom, additional online training is available to all around the world.


Real Agency for Community Development (RACD) is an NGO established in October 2007 as a Community Based Organisation but later the scope of our work expanded and we registered as a national NGO in 2021 working in Isingiro District particularly in three sub counties i.e. Endiinzi, Mbaare, Rugaaga and Nakivaale with an aim of empowering communities to improve their livelihood by putting up sustainable income generating activities like milk coolers, grinding machines ensuring food security in the region and sensitizing people about sexual reproductive health rights (SRHR).

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