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Over many decades the Cleveland Heartfulness Meditation Center has organized local, national, and international events teaching Heartfulness Meditation to all those seeking inner peace and tranquility. Since its inception in 1978 the group has maintained an unbroken commitment of volunteer services that strive to reach the zenith of inner and outer peace on our planet. We established “The Community of Hearts” in June of 2021 and began offering a virtual nightly Intention for Peace via Zoom. The goal of the Community of Hearts is to bring together as many hearts as possible each night at 9 PM EST. Our mission is to, “Create within and radiate from each heart the feeling of peace and universal love. When we come together as a group, we create synergy that affects the collective consciousness of our planet.” In our current undertaking, Heartfulness Institute is partnering with the Dayton International Peace Museum for 64 Days to Peace: https://www.heartfulnessmeditationcleveland.org/64-days-to-peace. For complete information on who we are and our initiatives, please download the PDF posted below and visit our website www.heartfulnessmeditationcleveland.org.

VISION We envision Cleveland, Ohio, as a vibrant beacon of peace and wellbeing, actively fostering an environment where each individual is empowered to reach their full potential. Our community is a tapestry of inspired individuals who collectively create harmonious and thriving homes, educational institutions, businesses, and governance. In every facet of community life, both locally and globally, we are committed to embodying and spreading the ethos of unity and peace.” MISSION Our mission is to uphold a culture of peace that celebrates our shared humanity and our deep connection to all forms of life. We endeavor to forge a partnership of citizens and visionary leaders from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, dedicating our collective creativity to initiatives, educational programs, and services that cultivate a lasting legacy of peace and holistic well-being. We practice a heart-centered meditation to experience a deeper peace within, for ourselves, society, and the Earth. We are also committed to a daily practice of unity, where at 9pm EST, individuals connect virtually in a shared Intention for Peace and Universal Love from our hearts to the vast expanse of the universe.

GOALS In every facet of our community whether it be the environment, education, community efforts, government, religious organizations, or the arts, we honor the interconnectedness of all life. Our goal is to bring the values of Heartfulness and Peace together to each endeavor for the betterment of our society and communities that we are called upon to support.

Christine Jones is a seasoned meditator and a dedicated trainer in the Heartfulness System of Meditation. Having had the privilege of studying under three of the four living guides in this esteemed tradition, she brings a deep understanding of the practice. As a scientist of spirituality, Christine delves into the esoteric origins of Raja yoga, combining her passion for meditation with an analytical approach. Her body of work includes authored articles, workshops, and webinars, each shedding light on the workings of the mind and its pivotal role in personal evolution. She has mentored countless seekers in spirituality, locally, nationally, and internationally and endeavors to keep spiritual teachings vibrant and relevant to our current times. In addition to her contributions in meditation and spiritual mentorship, Christine holds certification and registration as a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist. This underscores her holistic approach to well-being, with a commitment to both spiritual and physical health.

Nadine Feighan

Gestalt Center OSD, CINEMA and ACHIEVE PROGRAMS of University Hospital, Neighborhood Connections and the Neighbor Up Network

In February 2019, my interest was sparked when I was introduced to the conceptual ideal of a city being recognized as a City of Peace. This peace initiative was being modeled by our associates in Beavercreek, Ohio, who share the same vision of offering Peace, Love and Harmony with our communities as practitioners of Heartfulness Meditation. Through big and small events, it has been a gift to collaborate with others in our community who dedicate time and effort to make a difference in the world. On behalf of the Cleveland Meditation Center, we are grateful for this opportunity. Sincerely, Christine Jones

Yes, I approve the guidelines for an International City of Peace and will provide four or more additional approved signatures of community Peace Team members (see next registration field). “A culture of peace is a set of values, attitudes, traditions and modes of behavior and ways of life based on respect for life, ending of violence and promotion and practice of non-violence through education, dialogue and cooperation. Tenets include: Full respect for and promotion of all human rights and fundamental freedoms; Commitment to peaceful settlement of conflicts; Efforts to meet the developmental and environmental needs of present and future generations; Respect for and promotion of the right to development; Respect for and promotion of equal rights and opportunities for women and men; Respect for and promotion of the right of everyone to freedom of expression, opinion and information; Adherence to the principles of freedom, justice, democracy, tolerance, solidarity, cooperation, pluralism, cultural diversity, dialogue and understanding at all levels of society and among nations; and fostered by an enabling national and international environment conducive to peace.” In addition, the Golden Rule – “Do for others as you would have them do for you” — provides a unity proposition for personal, local and global peace.

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