Update March, 2023!
Preparations have begun to write a definitive “White Paper” for the new City of Peace movement. A White Paper is a tradition that not-for-profit organizations use to highlight the features and strategies of a particular solution for a particular problem. The name White Paper grew out of the traditional Blue Book reports that were developed last century by the British Parliament, which were covered in blue. White papers are now a standard used by civil society.

The growth of International Cities of Peace has shown great promise in addressing not only community needs but also for having a positive impact on the human desire for global peace. Since the City of Peace movement is ancient in origin and of benefit to all peoples, this White Paper becomes a collaboration of over 7 billion people. In effect, we need your ideas, your insight, your help in developing an evidentiary presentation of the City of Peace ideal. We believe that the City of Peace movement is of existential importance. We hope to hear from you on this important issue!


International Cities of Peace is a practical, sustainable way to build the Beloved Community of global peacemakers. There are 375 Cities of Peace in 71 Countries on all six Continents. We hope to achieve 1000 Cities of Peace this decade. YOU are a very important part of this vision. As engaged peacemakers, YOU are the hope for the future of humankind. Please join us on March 7th. There is much work to do!

Questions for the WORKING ZOOM meeting on March 7th:
1. Do you have a Volunteer Peace Team in your community?
2. What one Volunteer Action have you taken?

A Short Presentation on the ICP Classroom will be given by J. Frederick Arment on how the ICP Website is working for you — in any language and in many practical ways. Join us for information on the latest Tools in the Peacemaker Superhighway!

Now available for everyone on the ICP website, the ICP Classroom now has two courses:

• The U.N. Sustainable Development Goals
• Mastering the Golden Rule

Students and Teachers: We’ll show you how to join as a STUDENT. We’ll tell you how to CREATE your own COURSE. Each course has lessons, graphics and helpful adders. If you finish a course and take a short quiz, you will receive a Certificate from International Cities of Peace. This program is FREE as a service of International Cities of Peace!

We hope to have an expanding selection of courses over the next year. We are looking for teachers to provide the coursework. Ideas for courses could be on meditation and mediation; citizen diplomacy; starting a business; how to form a peace team, and more! Exciting training, part of our ICP Peacemaker Superhighway.


Tell what YOU are doing; Listen to stories of other Cities of Peace; Be informed!

Open to the nine stellar volunteer ICP Central Facilitators who have taken responsibility for a part of the ICP organization. After one year of successful volunteer work, they become eligible to become members of the Board of Directors. If you want and have experience to become an official Facilitator for ICP Central — an unpaid but highly valued and important position — send your résumé and ideas to: .

FOR ICP LIAISONS/MENTORS March 7th First Tuesday Working Zoom
Time: Mar 7, 2023 11:00 Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Meeting ID: 895 7871 5964
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FOR ICP SPANISH/PORTUGUESE SPEAKERS First Tuesday March 7th Working Zoom
Hosted by Inés Palomeque of Argentina.
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Hora: 7 mar 2023 05:00 p. m. Buenos Aires, Georgetown

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Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.
Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Cape Town, South Africa

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