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The Golden Rule is a practical and unifying ethic for human progress. Tell our children.



The Golden Rule

Golden Rule Poster


Interfaith Golden Rule Posters in various languages — free online 

From Paul McKenna: Dear interfaith and golden rule colleagues around the world,  I am the creator and the copyright holder of the multifaith Golden Rule Poster which features Golden Rule texts in 13 religions. You are free to download, post and print (including in volume) the poster, which is available in numerous languages.

Be sure to check out the educational & interfaith resources below.
In recent years, the Scarboro Missions Interfaith Department in Toronto, Canada has committed itself to building a website featuring curriculum and useful educational resources for interfaith work. These resources include online courses, toolkits, best practices, do-it-yourself workshops, activities, multifaith prayer services, how-to-manuals, guidelines, games, starter kits, meditations, Powerpoint, etc. Below, please find lots of these resources.

Golden Rule education resources:  This comprehensive listing features interactive resources, meditation exercises, videos, multilingual posters, art activities, do-it-yourself workshops, slide programs, discussion questions, Golden Rule websites, books, toolkits, best practices, and school & youth group curricula:

Principles and guidelines for interfaith dialogue:  This compendium of concise and handy resources provides insight into the interfaith movement and its treasure chest of wisdom and learning opportunities. This collection explores the goals, types and stages of dialogue and touches on issues such as interfaith etiquette, listening, peace-building, hospitality, respectful presence and dialogue-versus-debate. These principles and guidelines are useful for those who are new to interfaith as well as for veterans of interfaith work: 

Interfaith curriculum and educational resources:   Includes online courses, toolkits, best practices, do-it-yourself workshops, activities, multifaith prayer services, how-to-manuals, guidelines, games, starter kits, meditations, slideshows, etc.:

Church and Dialogue:   This collection of resources chronicles the Catholic Church’s 50-year journey of dialogue with other religions, a journey that began with the Second Vatican Council of the 1960s. Featured here are interfaith stories, theological reflections, and official Vatican documents. This message is communicated through various media forms including videos, photo-essays, articles, lectures, photos, and compilations of historical milestones. While some of the material has a local focus, the reader will be left with an experience of the global interfaith movement and the global church in dialogue:

2.5 million African Golden Rule Posters circulated worldwide

The Scarboro Missions multifaith Golden Rule Poster has gained international renown as an educational and interfaith resource. One of the contributing factors to this development is Ambassador Mussie Hailu, an internationally-renowned activist in the fields of interfaith, human dignity, peace-building and Golden Rule. He is based in Ethiopia. Mussie produced a variation of the Scarboro Missions Golden Rule poster and has circulated 2.5 million copies of it across Africa and around the world. The overwhelming majority of these posters are in English but a minority of them are in Amharic, the official language of Ethiopia. Click this link to see the design of the African poster in Amharic – the English poster is the same design:

A PDF of the Golden Rule Poster, with permission from Paul McKenna, is included below:

Golden Rule poster EN_Dec 2018 2

Links to other languages follow:

Turkish Golden Rule Poster (free online)

Slovenian Golden Rule Poster (free online)

Hebrew Golden Rule Poster (free online)

Amharic Golden Rule Poster (free online)

Urdu Golden Rule Poster (free online)

German Golden Rule Poster (free online)

Flemish Golden Rule Poster (free online)

Italian Golden Rule Poster (free online)

French Golden Rule Poster (free online)×29.pdf

Bilingual Golden Rule Poster – French & English (free online)



Golden Rule Hashtag on Twitter



“Ethics and the Golden Rule”

Harry Ginsler’s book and resource materials.



The Golden Rule: The Ethics of Reciprocity in World Religions
Jacob Neusner

ISBN-10: 1847062962

ISBN-13: 978-1847062963


The Golden Rule
Jeffrey Wattles

ISBN-13: 978-0195110364
ISBN-10: 0195110366



The Golden Rule: Analytical Perspectives (Jacob Neusner Series: Religion/Social Order)
Jacob Neusner



“The New Golden Rule: Community And Morality In A Democratic Society” by Amitai Etzioni. “…restore an equilibrium between personal liberty and the common good…”


Karen Armstrong’s TedTalk on Reviving the Golden Rule:




Dutch primatologist Frans de Waal on empathy.…/…/the_evolution_of_empathy




World Summit of Nobel Peace Prize winners statement, including the Golden Rule:


The Golden Rule Rap Song — DRU VOCALS: YOUTUBE VIDEO


The Terry House and the Golden Rule Project




Norman Rockwell Museum and The Golden Rule prints

Meditations from the Scarboro Mission

Golden Rule Meditation Exercises

The Magic of the Golden Rule Project
The Golden Rule Project in Salt Lake City (USA) promotes the principle of the Golden Rule in schools and communities using story cards, posters, curriculum, bookmarks and tetraflexagons. One of the project’s most successful programs features the work of Steffan Soule, a professional magician, who teaches anti-bullying and the Golden Rule using magic.


Arizona Golden Rule Educational Experiences (AGREE)
The AGREE curriculum contains a “Gold Standard” for interacting with others, while addressing high academic standards for all grade levels in Arizona schools (USA). Particularly in the areas of reading, writing and mathematics with opportunities for the arts and the development of critical thinking skills.


Dr. Harry Gensler

Golden Rule essays and videos from a Golden Rule scholar.


United Religion Initiative Ambassador Mussie Hailu

Golden Rule Honoree, Ambassador Mussie Hailu receives post

Author Russell Hassan


Russell Hasan’s book justifies libertarian politics using the Golden Rule of ethics to achieve a provocative new political theory called GOLD.



Golden Rule Day under consideration of the United Nations.



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