Innovative Programs from International Cities of Peace




International Day of Peace

Each year, local Cities of Peace around the globe participate in the United Nations sponsored International Day of Peace. Through the ICP program Global Feast for Peace, the entire world has been celebrating together through the ancient peacebuilding way to create community. Join in the celebration, commemoration, and education about peace in community — Feast for Peace!


The Golden Rule Institute

The Golden Rule Institute is a service of International Cities of Peace. The Institute is dedicated to forging a new relationship between our global society and the ancient ethic of the Golden Rule. The Institute encourages, promotes, and publishes scholarly and personal writings, thoughts, articles, and life stories on innovative ways that application of the Golden Rule can foster a culture of personal and societal peace.

Rotary Clubs and Cities of Peace

Many current Cities of Peace began or developed a close collaboration with local Rotary Clubs. International Cities of Peace provides an easy, off-the-shelf, supportive program for engaging the entire community in peace building. The Rotary E-Club of World Peace, centered in California, United States with membership around the globe, provides a vision of how Rotarians can move from project-based Peace Committees to program-based peacebuilding. By establishing your City as a City of Peace — Community IS the Program!

ICP Video Opportunities

On two platforms, International Cities of Peace have opportunities for members and Liaisons to upload and display community and peace-building videos. All videos must be created by official Liaisons (leaders) of Cities of Peace or ICP Central Facilitators. No videos from other places will be featured on the ICP video channels. The first step is to post in the Member Page on Facebook. The second step is to receive approval and have your video posted on the ICP YouTube Channel.