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Mastering the Golden Rule

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Mastering the Golden Rule


The ancient universal human ethic of the Golden Rule

A Skills Course by J. Frederick Arment

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This course gives the history, the reasoning, and the benefits of the ancient ethic of the Golden Rule. In a few short lessons, you will be able to:

• Understand the depth of Golden Rule logic

• Be aware of the four processes that make the Golden Rule a functioning ethic

• Know the history of the Golden Rule

• Find Golden Rule logic in all major spiritual paths

• Learn how to master application of the Golden Rule in everyday actions


Table of Contents

Section 1: Can You be a Perfect Person?

Section 2: When was the Golden Rule born?

Section 3: What are Ethics and Morality?

Section 4: What Exactly is the Golden Rule?

Section 5: Is the Golden Rule a Social Contract?

Section 6: What are the Four Processes of Golden Rule Practice?

Section 7: What is the Basis of Every Spiritual Tradition?

Section 8: How do you Master the Golden Rule?

Resources and Notes

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J. Frederick Arment (Chair), Dayton, Ohio

Founder and current Chair and Lead Facilitator of International Cities of Peace. Arment’s novels include the philosophical orphan’s tale, “Backbeat: A Novel of Physics,” and a political thriller, “The Synthesis.” His nonfiction work, “The Elements of Peace: How Nonviolence Works,” was released by McFarland Academic Publishers in 2012. In addition, “The Economics of Peace: Freedom, the Golden Rule, and Broadening Prosperity” was published by McFarland in fall of 2014.

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