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Iganga is a town in the Eastern Region of Uganda. It is the main municipal, administrative, and commercial center of Iganga District. For over 8 years, I, Kakaire Sulaiman have been taking care of over 30 orphans at my Orphanage called “Wonders”. As an orphan myself, I’m very sensitive to the trials and tribulations involved. As a child, I managed to pay for school fees by cleaning my school, and was even graced with a scholarship for my dancing skills. This gift of dance became an even greater blessing, as the orphans and I train together as a dance Group called “The Wonders”, which has been a saving grace, helping build confidence, cultivate joy, and to even support ourselves with basic needs, by performing for others on the streets, and at various events. We still struggle, especially since I’ve become unemployed, but thanks to the Grace of God, and the good will of loving people, such as our dear friend and supporter Michael Petrakis, of “Humanity United”, the future seems very promising; and even more so, with this wonderful Global Network of Peace Cities. As a City of Peace, we hope to inspire more local and global community engagement, in support of all those in greatest need; such as all Ugandan Orphans.
To Unite the Peoples of Iganga, Uganda, and the World, around the Exploration, Identification, Actualization, and Celebration, of our Greatest, most Obvious, and Actionable Universal Commonalities. To Inspire & Empower everyone, in the name of nurturing Culture of Peace, through unity, individuality, diversity, creativity, curiosity, sharing, learning, and community co-creation. To remind everyone of all that is Sacred. "Bringing the Spirits Home”.
To co-creatively establish #WorldPeaceShrines in every community in the World, as a Beacon and Roadmap to World Peace. To establish a Local and Regional #WorldPeaceCouncil, focused on identifying and actualizing all of the greatest solutions, which could and would resolve all of Humanity's most pressing issues. To establish an Internationally Recognized #MonthlyWorldPeaceDay, and Invite everyone in the World to sincerely consider participating in a #WorldPeaceArtChallenge, on the first day of each month, so as to Honor and Inspire all cultures, and generations, past, present, and future. To establish monthly #WorldPeaceSummits, involving presentations, dialogue, education, artistic expression, and all of the greatest things we can imagine, in the name of nurturing a Culture of Peace.
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Humanity United
I am here to serve my orphan family, and community, with love and humility.
Yes, I approve the guidelines for an International City of Peace and will provide four or more additional approved signatures of community Peace Team members (see next registration field). "A culture of peace is a set of values, attitudes, traditions and modes of behavior and ways of life based on respect for life, ending of violence and promotion and practice of non-violence through education, dialogue and cooperation. Tenets include: Full respect for and promotion of all human rights and fundamental freedoms; Commitment to peaceful settlement of conflicts; Efforts to meet the developmental and environmental needs of present and future generations; Respect for and promotion of the right to development; Respect for and promotion of equal rights and opportunities for women and men; Respect for and promotion of the right of everyone to freedom of expression, opinion and information; Adherence to the principles of freedom, justice, democracy, tolerance, solidarity, cooperation, pluralism, cultural diversity, dialogue and understanding at all levels of society and among nations; and fostered by an enabling national and international environment conducive to peace." In addition, the Golden Rule - "Do for others as you would have them do for you" -- provides a unity proposition for personal, local and global peace.
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